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IfError + Patch a blank value with Formula-level error management
Power Apps
Aug 18, 2022 12:00 AM

IfError + Patch a blank value with Formula-level error management

by HubSite 365 about Shane Young [MVP]

SharePoint & PowerApps MVP - SharePoint, O365, Flow, Power Apps consulting & Training

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Finally, the PowerApps Formula-level error management feature has moved from experimental to preview, which means I can make a video.

You will learn how Formula-level error management add additional Power Apps functions like IfError, FirstError, and AllErrors. This allows you to better handle your PowerApps error messages and take control. In addition, Power Apps Formula-error management also allows you to Patch blank values to your data sources like SharePoint, Dataverse and SQL. You can even patch date fields back to a null value. This is a feature we have all waited on for a long time. Watch the Formula-level error management video and you will learn to build better apps by dealing with your errors.

In this Video

  • Power Apps formula-level error management
  • Turn on formula-lever error management
  • Invalid operartion division by zero error and IfError function
  • Office 365 Users connector error management UserProfileV2 User not found or Resource not found
  • Handling Patch errors with IfError function
  • Using FirstError function to provide error message and source
  • IsBlankOrError function
  • Patch a blank value or date to SharePoint

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