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How to use AI in Power Automate aka Copilot
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Jul 6, 2023 8:30 AM

How to use AI in Power Automate aka Copilot

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AI is now integrated in Power Automate, this is also known as copilot taking the editor to the next level.

AI, specifically referred to as Copilot AI, is now a part of Power Automate which has heightened the scope and functionality of the editor. An improved designer has been introduced increasing usability and hastening productivity. Apart from being a part of copilot, AI enables easier navigation through user flow as it incorporates a mini-map feature. This article will progress by exploring existing templates, using existing templates, displaying a list of all templates, and creating a template from scratch.

  • Show you all the new capabilities of AI in Power Automate 0:00
  • Walk you through the exploration of existing templates 0:52
  • Demonstrate the use of an existing template 2:19
  • Present the list of all templates available 5:37
  • Instruct you on how to create a template from scratch 6:27
  • Guide you on how to create a template from an existing team 9:10
  • Show you how to create a template from an existing template 11:49
  • Teach you how to reuse custom templates 14:00
  • Wrap up the video with a conclusion 14:32
Power Automate, a low-code automation platform, is expanding its AI capabilities with the introduction of AI Builder and Copilot. In 2022, Power Automate released the 'Describe it to design it' feature, reducing the time taken to create workflows by 50% and increasing their use by 1.8 times. 
Copilot, the next-generation AI in Power Automate, is designed to improve and iterate on workflows with AI-driven conversations.
The tool will be situated in the flow studio and will assist users in building or altering flows. It allows for open-ended, conversational interactions during workflow authoring. 
The system is also moving toward natural language authoring, enabling users to build and enhance everything from simple flows to complex enterprise-wide processes using just natural language. The goal is to make automation accessible to everyone, regardless of their knowledge of Power Automate. 
In addition to Copilot, Power Automate also introduced AI Builder, which integrates the Azure OpenAI Service. This enables makers to use a new low-code generative AI model and templates in Power Automate cloud flows. Moreover, users can use generative AI in apps with a next-generation control, and in Power Automate for the desktop. 
A new AI Builder action, 'Create text with GPT,' is now available for desktop flows, paralleling the existing functionality in cloud flows.

Moving Forward with AI in Power Automate

With AI integrated into Power Automate, we can expect a substantial increase in efficiency and productivity. Features like a mini-map for better navigation and a new designer for improved usability make AI a critical part of Power Automate. Furthermore, it provides a broad range of templates and enables customization of the same, making it a versatile addition to the platform.

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Learning how to use AI in Power Automate, also known as Copilot, involves understanding the new designer, navigating a flow using a mini-map, exploring existing templates, creating a template from scratch or from an existing team, and reusing custom templates. To get started, watch the video and take note of the introduction, exploring existing templates, using an existing template, displaying the list of all templates available, creating a template from scratch, creating a template from an existing team, creating a template from an existing template, and reusing custom templates. After watching the video, practice creating your own templates and reusing custom templates. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the new designer and how it can help accelerate productivity. Finally, become comfortable navigating your flow using the mini-map.


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