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Streamlined Power Apps Consent Dialog Launches This Week
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Power Apps
Apr 18, 2024 7:00 AM

Streamlined Power Apps Consent Dialog Launches This Week

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New Power Apps Consent Dialog Rolls Out: Simplified UI for Easier Consent!

Key insights


  • **Power Apps** introduces a streamlined consent dialog to enhance user understanding of what they are agreeing to.
  • The update simplifies consent information, removes confusing UI elements, and clearly outlines the app's required permissions.
  • Changes are initially available on the web platform, with mobile and native updates to follow.
  • The updated dialog emphasizes specific actions the app uses and presents permissions in-line for a clearer view.
  • It incorporates functionality to handle sign in issues and account switching, ensuring a smooth consent process.

Enhancing User Experience with Power Apps' Streamlined Consent Dialog

Power Apps streamlined consent dialog begins rollout this week. The new updated and streamlined consent dialog will make it easier for Power Apps users to know exactly what they are consenting to.

We are excited to announce that a new streamlined Power Apps consent dialog is rolling out this week (April 15.) This update consolidates key consent information, removes confusing UI, and makes it much easier to understand the exact consent an app actually needs. Previously, many of the consent descriptions exceeded the permissions that were actually needed.

  • Initially, these updates are limited to the web. Mobile and native versions will get these updates later.
  • The updated dialog includes improvements such as showing only specific actions used by the app.
  • Permissions are now shown in-line with actions clearly listed.

The consent dialog performs two crucial tasks: preparing all connections for the app and then asking for consent. If all connections are ready, the dialog will list the necessary actions and request user consent. However, if there are login issues, these must be resolved before giving consent. Users can switch accounts if needed to resolve connection issues.

This combination of previous improvements and the new streamlined experience will make the consent process much easier to understand for users.

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