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Exploring PowerApps with AI Copilot
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Jun 9, 2023 9:00 PM

Exploring PowerApps with AI Copilot

by HubSite 365 about Amit Kumar Rath

Senior Consultant at Capgemini Nederland B.V. (Dynamics365 CE/Power Platform)

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Microsoft introduced an AI Copilot that has various features for developers as well as for end users. Now you can ask the AI Copilot to create an application. T


Microsoft has introduced an AI Copilot to PowerApps, offering various features for developers and end users. It allows users to request the creation of applications and to add a chat experience for learning about data within Canvas applications.

The process of creating an application involves writing requirements in a chat box, which AI Copilot uses to create a schema for the Dataverse table, loading some sample data. You can also instruct the AI Copilot to modify the Dataverse table. The application creation includes creating a fully responsive app that can perform CRUD operations on the Dataverse table.

Adding the AI Copilot in the Canvas app is done through the settings, enabling the Copilot component, and selecting the relevant data source. It's possible to customize the title, description, and summary of the Copilot, and add navigation buttons.

The testing phase involves editing and saving records and using the chat function to ask questions about the table data. The AI Copilot is capable of answering these questions. In conclusion, the AI Copilot in PowerApps is a powerful tool that facilitates the creation of Canvas applications and offers an interactive experience for learning about the application's data.

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Discover the Potential of PowerApps with AI Copilot

PowerApps is a powerful tool that enables users to quickly build custom applications without requiring extensive coding knowledge. By integrating AI Copilot, Microsoft provides an innovative approach to simplify the app development process even further. This AI-driven assistance helps both developers and end users in various aspects of app creation, ultimately leading to more accessible and efficient development experiences. Embracing this advanced technology will benefit organizations in achieving their digital transformation goals while saving valuable time and resources.


Learn about Exploring PowerApps with AI Copilot


Microsoft recently introduced AI Copilot, a feature for PowerApps that allows developers and end users to create applications with ease. AI Copilot can help users to quickly create applications, without having to learn complex coding language. Moreover, AI Copilot can provide users with insights into their applications and provide guidance on how to make improvements. With AI Copilot, users can create applications faster and more efficiently. AI Copilot also allows users to collaborate on applications and share the results with others, allowing for easy collaboration and sharing.

AI Copilot can also provide users with analytics and insights into their applications. This allows users to better understand user behavior and preferences, and to identify areas where the application can be improved. AI Copilot can also suggest features and improvements to existing applications, allowing users to quickly and easily update their applications.

AI Copilot also provides users with the ability to create custom reports and analytics for their applications. This allows users to quickly gain insights into the performance of their applications, and to identify areas where improvements can be made. AI Copilot can also help users to create custom forms and surveys, allowing them to quickly collect data from users and to gain a better understanding of user needs.

Overall, AI Copilot is a powerful and useful tool for PowerApps users, allowing them to quickly and easily create applications and to gain insights into their applications. With AI Copilot, users can create applications faster and more efficiently, while also gaining insights into user behavior and preferences. AI Copilot can help users to make improvements to their applications, as well as to create custom reports and analytics.


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