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Power Apps - UI/UX Best Practices for Designing
Power Apps
Sep 25, 2023 6:00 AM

Power Apps - UI/UX Best Practices for Designing

by HubSite 365 about Darren Neese (PowerApps Tutorial)

Power Apps Trainer at Neeseus

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Unlock the power of Microsoft Power Apps with expert guidance on UI/UX design to elevate your app development skills.

Welcome to “Designing Screens in Power Apps: UI/UX Best Practices”. This video tutorial, hosted by Darren Neese, is an essential addition to our series on creating an "Onboarding & Engagement" application with Power Apps and MS SQL Server.

The 2-hour live stream tutorial dives deep into the methods and theories of designing user-friendly and visually striking screens in Power Apps. Regardless of your level - intermediate or advanced - your understanding of UI/UX will be enhanced with practical insights.

The hot topics covered include:

  • Significance of Good UI/UX Design,
  • Core UI/UX Principles,
  • Live Demo of Basic & Advanced Screen Design,
  • Best UI/UX Practices & Tips, and
  • Q&A Sessions with leading experts.

This tutorial is a must-watch for Intermediate to Advanced Power Apps Users, UI/UX enthusiasts, and anyone intrigued by app development.

We are pleased to have Kurt, a seasoned Power Apps instructor as our special guest for this session. Additionally, we will feature live contributions from our community of paid students.

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Expanding on The Main Topic

This video tutorial is a comprehensive guide to designing screens in Power Apps. It emphasizes the importance of good UI/UX design and provides a clear understanding of the core UI/UX principles. Not only does it include a live-demo showing basic to advanced screen design, but it also provides tips and best practices for those wanting to enhance their skills in this field. As an asset to Power Apps users, UI/UX enthusiasts, and any person interested in app development, this tutorial ensures a high educational value.

Learn about Designing Screens in Power Apps: UI/UX Best Practices

Designing user-friendly and visually appealing screens in Power Apps is the main subject of a two-hour live stream discussed in the Youtube video. The video aims to provide both intermediate and advanced viewers with insights on how they can improve their UI/UX designing skills to promote efficient usage in their application development projects.

The live session promotes the importance of good UI/UX design and the principles that govern it are highlighted. By offering a live demo on basic and advanced screen design, the session aims to align its content with a practical approach. It also offers opportunities for Q&A sessions to directly answer the queries of the viewers, aiding a better understanding of screen designing in Power Apps.

This video is specifically recommended for intermediate to advanced Power Apps users, UI/UX enthusiasts, and anyone interested in app development. Viewers can gain further insight from guest Kurt, an experienced Power Apps instructor. It includes input from the community of paid students, ensuring a broad spectrum of use-case scenarios.

  • The previous episodes for this series, which can enhance your learning experience, can be accessed here.
  • To foster a collaborative environment and get help with your project, you can join the Power Platform community.
  • In order to work directly with Darren, you can schedule a call here.

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