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Power Apps Test Studio - Automate your Test Cases
Power Apps
Jul 24, 2023 4:30 AM

Power Apps Test Studio - Automate your Test Cases

by HubSite 365 about Dhruvin Shah [MVP]

Microsoft MVP (Business Application & Data Platform) | Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) | Microsoft SharePoint & Power Platform Practice Lead | Power BI Specialist | Blogger | YouTuber | Trainer

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During this video, we will learn how can we write Test Cases in Canvas App using Power Apps Test Studio. Microsoft Power Apps Test Studio provides us the flexib

In the video, viewers learn about test case creation in Canvas App using Power Apps Test Studio. This innovative Microsoft tool provides flexibility in writing test cases, saving a significant amount of time during the testing process. The video proceeds to create three different cases, showcasing how to deliver end-to-end UI tests for canvas apps. Regular validation of the app is vital to maintaining its quality, something Power Apps Test Studio facilitates particularly for updates or new deployments. The video outlines opening Test Studio, an overview of Test Studio in Power Apps, writing test cases, the movement of test cases from development to production, and even writing a negative test case.

  • 00:00: Start
  • 00:26: Canvas App Overview
  • 01:08: Open Test Studio
  • 01:25: Overview of Test Studio in Power Apps
  • 01:54: Discussion on writing Test Cases
  • 03:32: Test Case move from Dev to Prod
  • 04:00: Write a Test case using the record button
  • 06:52: Publish and Play
  • 08:00: Write Negative Test Case in Power Apps
  • 10:00: Write a Test Case using the Assert Function
  • 16:00: Other methods for writing Test Cases
  • 16:54: Test Case Play Link
  • 17:52: Introducing Test Suite
  • 18:27: What's Next?

About Power App Test Studio

Microsoft's Power App Test Studio is an extensively featured tool for writing effective test cases and ensuring an application's integrity through systematic testing. It facilitates easy case creation and seamless transition between development and production environments. Notably, it supports negative test cases, guaranteeing the robustness of the system. It also introduces the assert function for advanced test case scripting. At a glance, Power App Test Studio is a critical component in maintaining app quality and performance consistency.

Learn about Power Apps Test Studio - Automate your Test Cases

Power Apps Test Studio allows users to automate their Test Cases for Canvas Apps. This video will teach viewers how to create and maintain end-to-end UI tests for Canvas Apps using Test Studio. The video will also cover how to write Test Cases using the Record button, Assert Function, and other methods. It will also demonstrate how to publish and play Test Cases, and how to move Test Cases from Dev to Prod. Finally, the video will discuss creating a Test Suite and what’s next for Power Apps Test Studio.


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