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What’s new: Power Apps February 2024 Feature Update
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Power Apps
Mar 1, 2024 10:02 PM

What’s new: Power Apps February 2024 Feature Update

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Discover the Power Apps Feb 2024 Update: More Languages, Dataflows & Copilot Enhancements!

Key insights

  • General availability of Dataverse audit logs via Synapse and Power BI enables detailed auditing and reporting.
  • Preview for blocking unmanaged customizations allows Power Platform admins to ensure changes go through approved ALM processes.
  • Maker Copilot now supports building new apps and tables in 8 languages, enhancing global app development accessibility.
  • Power Platform Dataflows integration into Solutions streamlines data management and movement across environments.
  • Copilot enhancements introduce drafting aid in canvas apps and assistance for form filling in model-driven apps, leveraging AI for improved productivity.

Expanding Power Apps Capabilities with the Latest Updates

The Power Apps platform's latest update introduces significant enhancements aimed at improving productivity and collaboration for app developers and end-users alike. With a focus on security, development efficiency, and user experience, these updates are designed to cater to the needs of makers, admins, and everyday users. The introduction of Dataverse audit logs for comprehensive auditing, the capability to block unmanaged customizations for greater environment control, and the extension of Maker Copilot to support additional languages mark Microsoft's commitment to inclusive and governed app development. Furthermore, the simplification of dataflows within Solutions and the advent of AI-driven Copilot features for drafting text and filling forms in apps represent significant leaps towards leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance developmental workflows and user interactions.


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Full list of Features:
✅ Trust

🟣 Access Dataverse audit log using Synapse and Power BI is now generally available.
🟣 Announcing preview for blocking unmanaged customizations

✅ Maker Productivity

🟣 Building new apps and tables with Maker Copilot is now available in 8 languages worldwide
🟣 Power Platform Prompts Library
🟣 Add new Power Platform Dataflows to Solutions
🟣 Call SQL Server stored procedures directly in Power Fx 

✅ End User Productivity

🟣Draft with Copilot in canvas apps
🟣General Availability for Shared Device Mode for Power Apps on iOS
🟣 Introducing Copilot assistance for filling forms in model-driven app



Welcome to the February 2024 feature update for Power Apps. The blog provides a comprehensive look at the latest features and enhancements for app developers, system administrators, and end users. This month, highlights include updates across Power Apps, Dataverse, and Copilot.

Trust enhancements include general availability for accessing the Dataverse audit log using Synapse and Power BI. A new preview also allows blocking unmanaged customizations, ensuring reliability and safety in Dataverse environments.

Maker Productivity is boosted with Maker Copilot now available in 8 languages, helping app creators design new apps and tables efficiently. Additionally, Power Platform Dataflows have been enhanced, and direct SQL Server stored procedure calls in Power Fx are now possible.

End User Productivity sees the rollout of Copilot in canvas apps for drafting text inputs and the introduction of shared device mode for Power Apps on iOS, promoting easier device sharing among employees. Copilot assistance for filling forms in model-driven apps is also introduced, utilizing AI for data entry.


People also ask

What is the future of power app?

Power Apps, combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI), offer the capability to simplify and automate complex business operations. For example, in the manufacturing sector, AI algorithms can be utilized to predict potential equipment failures by analyzing historical performance data. Subsequently, Power Apps can leverage this predictive insight to automate the scheduling of maintenance activities, enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime.

Is power platform in high demand?

The expertise and skills associated with Microsoft Power Platform are experiencing a surge in demand as enterprises increasingly turn to technological solutions to enhance their operational efficiency. There is a growing need for professionals proficient in developing customized solutions, automating business processes, and generating insightful data visualizations to support decision-making processes.

Is Power Pages replacing Power Apps?

Starting from February 26, 2024, the Power Apps portals Studio will be officially deprecated. In its place, all sites will transition to being managed within the Power Pages design studio, marking a significant update in the management and development of web portals.

Is Power Platform worth learning?

Investing time and resources into mastering the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals is highly recommended. It equips individuals with critical abilities to create business applications, automate workflows, and conduct data analyses. These competencies are rapidly becoming more valuable in the job market, offering avenues for career progression and enhancing workplace productivity.



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