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Power Apps - Create a developer environment on behalf of a user
Power Platform
Oct 21, 2023 1:30 PM

Power Apps - Create a developer environment on behalf of a user

by HubSite 365 about Daniel Laskewitz

Power Platform Developer Advocate 🥑 at Microsoft

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Unlock the power of Microsofts Power Platform CLI: Effortlessly create, manage and optimize developer environments with our easy-to-follow guide. Level up today

In this instructional YouTube video by Daniel Laskewitz, he demonstrates how to build a Developer Tool environment under the representation of a user. He provides a simple, yet effective tutorial using Microsoft's Power Platform CLI. Mainly, the video caters to admins looking to establish multiple developer spaces or fresh developers entering the industry.

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:57 - Make sure to have the right Power Platform CLI version
  • 01:18 - Learn more about the pac admin create command
  • 01:45 - Using the pac admin create command
  • 03:37 - Wrap up

Moreover, the presented video outlines the process of upgrading your code-creation abilities. The first few minutes provide a brief introduction, followed by mandatory prerequisites, such as having the appropriate version of Power Platform CLI.

This tutorial also introduces the 'pac admin create' command, explaining its usage and demonstrating its application. The video comes to an end with a brief wrapping up of the discussed topics.

The tutorial comes alive with the recent notification that Global and Power Platform Administrators can now facilitate their app creators by initializing Developer Tools' environments on behalf of makers. A monumental step providing your admin with the perfect balance between control and maker empowerment.



This functionality equips your makers to develop using high-end features, such as Dataverse, premium connectors, etc., at zero cost. Also, the administrators can assign 'Owner' to a member of the organization who they wish to nominate for the developer environment. The admin can also create up to three developer environments per owner. If no owner is chosen, the environment is initiated for the admin employing this feature.

Furthermore, the automatic cleanup feature gets triggered in case of 90 days of dormancy, simplifying the control for admins. By default, these environments are unmanaged but can be modified as per the tenant admin's discretion.

Lastly, the environment bestows the owner with a Developer plan that allows full access to build, test, and execute premium applications. It presents a perfect opportunity to encourage creators in your organization who have yet to explore Dataverse or any other premium connector.

The Developer Tool environment grants a personal space to experiment before shifting to the production environment. For more comprehensive details, visit the Microsoft Power Platform.

Into Developer Environments

In a more general perspective, developer environments are crucial for the seamless operation of developing, testing, and deployment roles. It provides a secure personal space for coders to experiment without impacting the production environment, ensuring the creation of refined and quality applications. Moreover, the introduction of automatic cleanup and manageable control amplifies facility for the admins. Hence, developer environments serve as a backbone for a healthy and efficient coding culture.

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What to learn bevor I can start

If you are interested in creating a developer environment as a user, there are many resources available for you to discover how to do so with the Power Platform Command Line Interface (CLI).

This powerful tool offers a range of features and capabilities, making it exceptionally user-friendly and adaptable for admins who are setting up multiple development environments or for new development teams. As you navigate the Power Platform CLI, you will discover that it is an invaluable asset to refine your software development skills.

There's a handy tutorial available that outlines the process comprehensively:

  • Introduction to the field and its uses.
  • Verifying the correct version of Power Platform CLI.
  • A deep dive into the 'pac admin create' operation.
  • Executing the 'pac admin create' command.
  • Wrapping up and summarising key learning points.

Providing you with an unmatched level of control and maker autonomy, there's also good news for Global and Power Platform Administrators - they are now empowered to create developer environments for app makers. This new function establishes a perfect equilibrium of control and facilitation for makers. These special environments let your developers utilise premium tools like Dataverse and premium connectors at no extra cost.

The admin experience at the tenant level is also tremendously user-friendly. A tenant admin can select an 'Owner' from their organisation for whom they wish to establish up to three developer environments. If no specific owner is selected, the environment defaults to the admin currently using the platform. The environments can be maintained easily, with automated cleanup after 90 days of inactivity and the ability for the environments to be unmanaged by default, or managed per the tenant admin’s preference.

As the designated ‘Owner’, the platform offers a host of benefits. Developers gain access to a Developer plan that provides comprehensibility to construct, examine, and execute premium applications. If you're an aspiring developer eager to explore the capabilities of Dataverse or any other premium connector, the Developer environment provides a personal space to experiment before transferring your creations to a production environment.

You can learn more about the Power Apps Developer Plan, Dataverse accessibility for all makers, environment cleanup and managed environments, as well as streamlining your environment strategy through various resources on the Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Power Apps websites.

Take control of your development needs and make the most of the Power Platform to enhance your developer skills!


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