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Retrieve Employee User Details via Email in Power Automate
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Oct 19, 2022 9:29 PM

Retrieve Employee User Details via Email in Power Automate

by HubSite 365 about Rishona Elijah [MVP]

Microsoft MVP | MCT | Power Platform Evangelist | LinkedIn Learning Instructor

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Discover your colleagues details through their email address using the Office 365 Users connector in Microsoft Power Automate.

Transforming Employee Data Retrieval with Power Automate: A Closer Look at Rishona Elijah's Blog Post

Rishona Elijah, a recognized Microsoft MVP, tackles the topic of extracting user details from their email address using Power Automate's Office 365 Users connector for easier corporate communication and file sharing. An essential tool for HR managers and department heads, it enables users to readily access information about their colleagues, such as name, office location, job title, department, and manager's information.

The author provides four key actions within the Office 365 Users connector that simplify data retrieval from an organization’s existing user base. These include obtaining user profiles, user photos, managerial data, and other details pertinent to a specific user's corporate life.

Illustrating her points with practical examples, Rishona Elijah emphasizes the versatile application of these tools in real-world scenarios. The email address of an employee can be used to look up their details. Subsequently, this data pool can be used for various purposes, such as sending an approval request to the employee's manager or facilitating interactions between an employee and a Power Virtual Agent in Microsoft Teams.

The 'Select fields' field can be left blank in these actions. As a result, the tool provides all the information it holds about the employee, ensuring a comprehensive dataset ready to support numerous organizational activities.

Who is Rishona Elijah?

Rishona Elijah is a Microsoft MVP (Business Applications), a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), and a Power Platform Trainer and Evangelist at Barhead Solutions in Sydney, Australia. Her expertise lies in providing training sessions and innovative events to demonstrate what people can achieve by using Microsoft’s Power Platform. Click here for more details about Power Automate.

A Brief Look at Power Automate in HR Operations

Power Automate is a digital tool developed by Microsoft to automate routine tasks and operations. In the HR scenario, it can revolutionize corporate communication by using email addresses to connect employees to their immediate managers, peers, and department heads. This functionality enhances ease of communication, file sharing, and collaboration within an organization. Existing details such as employee name, department, job title, office location, and even profile photos can be viewed using this tool, making it a must-have for the modern office space.

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Power Automate - Retrieve Employee User Details via Email in Power Automate

Learn about Find an employees user details from their email address with Power Automate

Walking through the process of obtaining employee details via their email addresses using automation software can be overwhelmingly technical. However, it becomes significantly straightforward using Microsoft's Power Automate and the Office 365 Users connector. These tools offer the ability to fetch details such as names, managers, departments, job titles, office locations, and phone numbers.

Let's break down the key actions you need to employ to find information across your organisation using the Office 365 Users actions. The primary steps include:

  • Fetching direct reports: This action retrieves user profiles of a given user’s direct reports
  • Obtaining a manager's profile: Involves grabbing the profile of a user's manager
  • Securing user photo: Allows for the extraction of a user's profile photo
  • Getting a user profile: Here, you can extract a specific user's profile, incorporating Given Name, Surname, ID, Nickname, Mobile Phone, Department, About Me, Birthday, Country, Hire Date, Job Title, and Office Location.

You can explore an example workflow using the 'Get user profile' and 'Get manager' actions. Using these actions, you can look up details about an employee, find their manager's details, and send an approval request containing information from both actions. An instance where this might be handy is in a scenario where an employee is conversing with a Power Virtual Agent on Microsoft Teams.

The information regarding the 'Select fields field,' you may opt to leave it blank for these actions. If left blank, it will return all available information.

This blog post was created by the renowned Microsoft Certified Trainer and MVP (Business Applications) – Rishona Elijah. Rishona is a Power Platform Trainer and Evangelist working at Barhead Solutions based in Sydney, Australia. She conducts training sessions and events, aiming to demonstrate to people the wonders you can achieve using Microsoft’s Power Platform.

Discover more interesting tips and tricks regarding Microsoft Power Automate and Office 365 by visiting Elijah's posts. Knowledge shared through her sessions have empowered many to harness the full potential of Microsoft’s Power Automate software.

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