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What’s new: Power Apps April 2024 Feature Update
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Power Apps
May 2, 2024 7:08 PM

What’s new: Power Apps April 2024 Feature Update

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Unlock Power Apps April 2024 Features: AI, Copilot Enhancements & More!

Key insights


  • Trust and Security Enhancements: Now, you can delete disabled status stub, unlicensed, or removed Microsoft Entra group users from a Dataverse environment. This improvement aligns with security, privacy, and data retention policies.
  • Microsoft Copilot Integration: Embrace enhanced data security with Microsoft Copilot for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, which adheres to Microsoft’s Responsible AI principles to ensure data stays secure within the cloud trust boundary.
  • Intelligent License Assignment: Power Platform admins now have the option to assign licenses more effectively via Intelligent Recommendations, enabling efficient distribution of Power Apps licenses within organizations.
  • AI and Maker Productivity: Discover new Copilot features for Power Fx and the introduction of easier data import experiences from SharePoint List to Dataverse, along with the deployment of managed solutions updates.
  • Learning Resources: Access a wealth of learning materials, including the AI in Action series and guidance on building a Podcast Copilot with .NET and Power Apps, to enhance your Power Apps knowledge and skills.

Expanding Power Apps Capabilities in April 2024

Welcome to the Power Apps April 2024 Feature Update. This blog post covers a range of updates for Makers, Admins, and users across Power Apps, Dataverse and Copilot. You'll find everything from product enhancements to community news and learning resources all in one convenient location.

One notable security feature allows the deletion of stub, unlicensed, or removed Microsoft Entra group users from a Dataverse environment. This ensures compliance with security, privacy, and data retention policies. Additionally, Microsoft Copilot has been highlighted for ensuring data security within the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 data ecosystem, leveraging Microsoft’s Responsible AI principles.

The integration of Intelligent Recommendations is now available in public preview. This feature provides Power Platform admins with user suggestions who could benefit from a Power Apps license, aiming to streamline the license assignment process. Moreover, new Copilot features for Power Fx aim to simplify the creation of custom applications by explaining formulas and generating Power Fx from natural language.

  • Deletion of stub, unlicensed, or removed users for security compliance
  • Microsoft Copilot upholds data security utilizing Microsoft’s Responsible AI principles
  • Intelligent Recommendations help admins assign licenses efficiently
  • New Copilot features make Power Fx more accessible and intuitive
  • Improvements to importing data from SharePoint List into Dataverse Tables and canvas apps

These updates contribute to Power Apps' commitment to enhancing user productivity, security compliance, and overall ease of use. Emphasizing improvements in AI and administration functionalities, Microsoft aims to simplify and secure the app creation and management process for all users.

  • Trust
    • Delete stub, unlicensed or removed Microsoft Entra group users from a Dataverse environment Public preview
    • Trust Microsoft Copilot with your Power Platform and Dynamics 365 data – Power CAT Live
    • Power Platform admins can now assign licenses via Intelligent Recommendations – now in public preview!
  • Maker Productivity
    • AI in Action: Powering Up with AI Series
    • Build a Podcast Copilot with .NET and Power Apps
    • Importing Managed Solutions – What has changed to the Upgrade verses Update Process?
    • Introducing new Copilot features for Power Fx
    • Power Fx: Column names escape double quotes
    • Easier than ever experience to import data from SharePoint List

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Power Apps - April 2024 Power Apps Update: Discover Latest Features

People also ask

What's new in Power Platform 2024?

As part of the Microsoft Power Platform 2024 release wave 1, Power Apps is pioneering in various sectors. This includes introducing Copilot for both makers and users, integrating AI and natural language capabilities to expedite app development and enhance app functionalities with AI, enabling more insightful data interpretation and analysis.

What is the new Microsoft coming out in 2024?

The 2024 release wave 1 heralds the introduction of numerous new functionalities across Power Platform applications. This encompasses Power BI, Power Apps, Power Pages, Power Automate, and the debut of Microsoft Copilot Studio alongside AI Builder. Furthermore, enhancements in Microsoft Dataverse and specific Power Platform features for governance and administration are also part of this expansive update.

What are the Microsoft plans for 2024?

For the 2024 release wave 1, Microsoft's blueprint includes unveiling an advanced suite of Copilot capabilities, refined user experiences, deeper integration with Microsoft 365, and fresh advancements in vendor management alongside finance and operations integration.

What is the future of power app?

The trajectory of Power Apps is significantly leaning towards the integration of artificial intelligence technologies, including natural language processing, machine learning, and predictive analytics. This adoption is set to revolutionize the way businesses interact with data and users, offering more intelligent and customized application experiences.



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