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Boost User Adoption for Power Platform Solutions
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Power Platform
Sep 26, 2023 3:09 PM

Boost User Adoption for Power Platform Solutions

by HubSite 365 about Lewis Baybutt [MVP]

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Maximize Power Platform solutions adoption with Microsoft expert tips for improved UX and practical solutions.

In this blog post, Lewis Baybutt [MVP] discusses ways to increase user adoption of your Power Platform solutions. He emphasizes the importance of a solution that is reliable and designed specifically with the business processes and requirements in mind power solution, thus preventing employees from resorting to shadow IT.

Baybutt speaks about the importance of considering the entire user experience (UX) and distinguishes between User Interface (UI) and UX. UX includes aspects such as a solution being usable, useful, findable, accessible, and credible-- not just the user interface.

The author also emphasizes the significance of producing usable solutions that are designed with business problems in mind. Such a solution should not overly complicate interfaces and instead, should provide quick and efficient automation that allows for the task at hand to be completed easily.

Another highlighted feature is the production of useful solutions that not only solve current business problems but also foresee potential issues. Baybutt insists on an architectural perspective that spots chances for additional enhancements and features.

This contribution briefly covers the importance of ensuring the solutions are easy to find. Baybutt argues that apart from producing accessible solutions, it is also crucial to present them to the users in such a way that they can easily find and access them.

  • Surface solutions with a button or link on a SharePoint page
  • Pin a tile to a Viva Connections dashboard
  • Have your InTune team push a policy update so that Edge users have your solution bookmarked by default
  • Use Power Apps Wrap

Accessibility is also covered, with the author arguing against the notion that this is something extra when asked for. He also stresses the importance of developing credible solutions whose content is aligned with organization values.

Lastly, the author advises developers to ensure the aesthetic aspects of their solution, such as the graphical user interface (GUI), align with the company's branding for customers' comfort and reliability.

Further Insights Into Power Platform Solutions

In 10 lines, Microsoft's Power Platform enables businesses to analyze data, create solutions, automate processes, and create virtual agents. It is a flexible, robust, and user-friendly tool. Businesses can tailor the Platform to meet their specific needs. The Platform, which includes Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents, provides businesses with an edge in an increasingly competitive digital marketplace. The Platform enhances businesses' ability to make quick, informed decisions. It increases employees' efficiency and productivity. It also allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology trends. Adoption of these solutions translates to improved overall business performance.

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Power Platform - Boost User Adoption for Power Platform Solutions

Learn about Increase user adoption of Power Platform solutions

Boosting the engagement of users in Power platform-based solutions is elemental for the success of any business. This post cover ways to magnify this adoption among users.

One key aspect that triggers adoption is the belief by users that the software not only meets but seamlessly aligns with business processes and user requirements. This attribute reduces the inclination towards shadow IT systems, which although may seem convenient, may not fully serve the business requirements and processes. Hence, driving user adoption essentially safeguards the direction and effectiveness outcomes of the proposed solution.

Developing a solution with optimum user experience in mind is vital. Often, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are integrated, however, they're not the same. UI is one amongst the many aspects that comprise the UX. Hence, a solution should not just be usable, but also useful, findable, credible, and accessible. Each of these aspects augment user adoption of a solution.

  • Creating usable solutions: Building solutions that effortlessly solve business problems greatly increases the chances of user adoption. Ensuring the user interface is not overly cluttered, the solution performs at optimum speed, and has built-in features to resolve the issues are ways to make a solution more acceptable. Incorporating automation-like features that cut down on manual tasks and improve the speed of tasks can also contribute to usability.

  • Creating useful solutions: The solution should not only meet the business demands highlighted by users and business owners but also consider potential underlying issues that may arise with time. Analysing business processes and suggesting improvements based on the same could contribute to the overall usefulness of our solution.

  • Proper location of solutions: Users should be able to locate the solution without any hassle. The solution, whether it's an app or chatbot, should be easily accessible and reachable. This could be via a link or button on a SharePoint page, pinning it to a Viva Connections dashboard, using Power Apps Wrap, etc.

  • Creating accessible solutions: Designing and building solutions with inclusive design and accessibility in mind greatly boosts user adoption. Making sure the solution can be used by anyone, irrespective of their ability, should be an intrinsic part of the development process.

  • Creating credible solutions: Solutions should comply with the business values and norms, as well as be pleasant and comfortable for the users. This authenticity and trust can be amplified by representing the brand accurately through design or content in the solution.

In a nutshell, driving user adoption for Power Platform solutions necessitates an approach that focuses on the users' experiences and their specific requirements, leading to the creation of solutions that are not just technically adept, but also meaningful, user-friendly, reliable, and inclusive.

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