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Easy Conversion of Spreadsheets into Power Apps
Power Apps
Oct 15, 2023 9:33 AM

Easy Conversion of Spreadsheets into Power Apps

by HubSite 365 about Darren Neese (PowerApps Tutorial)

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Get expert Microsoft insights to transform spreadsheets into interactive Power Apps with ease - simple steps, amazing results!

Welcome to your go-to guide, "Transform a Spreadsheet to Dataverse Power Application Project Easily." Ideal for both novices and experienced users, this video tutorial is digestible, practical, and designed to ease your transition from a spreadsheet to an app.

You get to follow steps of integrating your data from spreadsheets into Dataverse and creating a model-driven application. Essential aspects like the Patch function and advanced examples are shared to guide you into diversifying your new app's functionality. Familiarize yourself with the platform, and enhance your skills with this guide that doubles up as a mini "Power Apps Full Course." Get started on your journey to elevating your skills by checking out Power Apps.

We start the tutorial with a view into Microsoft's CoPilot AI and how it can make your application creation dreams a reality. The video tutorial dives deep into guiding you on converting your Excel files into applications easily with just a few clicks!



Understand the importance of having a well-structured Excel file as the key to a successful transformation. The AI feature, smart as it is, works optimally with clean, organized data, ready for a transformation.


Creating an App from Excel using Copilot - Detailed Overview

The process requires you to prepare your Excel file, ensuring it is well-structured and organized. Access the PowerApps feature after preparation, look for the option to start with data, and you can upload your desired Excel file to be transformed into Power Apps.

  • Preparation: Begin with a well-structured and organized Excel file.
  • Access: Navigate to Power Apps and find the 'Start with data' option to upload the Excel file.
  • Upload: Choose your desired file and upload it.
  • Create: An option to create an app pops up. Click it to have your new application ready in seconds or perhaps a minute.
  • Customize: After creation, personalize the new application as you'd like. It's now fully functioning.

However, it's important to know, CoPilot AI considers only the first sheet in your Excel file. Ensure the data to be included is moved to the first sheet. Formatting matters derail AI, and an open Excel file during the import process could mess up the upload. Luckily, Dataverse, which this feature is built on, enables you to handle and correct these hiccups.

Get ready to upgrade from Dataverse (a robust data source) from Excel (not quite the best data source for this process). It's time to level up your Power Platform journey and convert those Excel files into powerful applications with ease. If you encounter any challenges, this tutorial has got your back!

Power Apps - Easy Conversion of Spreadsheets into Power Apps

Learn about Turn a Spreadsheet into a Power Apps Easily


Moving from a simple spreadsheet to a fully functional application need not be a hassle. In our comprehensive guide, "Transition a Spreadsheet into a platform App Easily", you will explore seamless ways to accomplish this. This tutorial, taking about 1 to 2 hours, is tailored for both veterans and beginners converting spreadsheets into applications. It acts as a handy doorway into the world of platform applications and Dataverse.

We delve into key areas like data integration from spreadsheets into Dataverse, demonstrate the creation of model-driven applications, among other essential topics. This guide can be considered as a "Full course", aimed at breaking down intricate concepts into simple, understandable bits perfect for those venturing into platform applications. So, boost your application skills to the next level today!

If you've ever dreamt of a magical button that could transform an Excel file into a platform application, then your wish is now a reality. This is made possible by Microsoft's revolutionary feature named CoPilot AI, that converts Excel files into applications in simply a few clicks. In our detailed tutorial on the PowerApps911 YouTube channel, we uncover this process intricately so you can effortlessly transition your Excel files into full-blown applications.

However, to make a successful conversion, a properly formatted Excel file is essential. The organizing of your data effectively is critical before you kick start the process. Let's, therefore, look at some helpful steps and important points to remember.

  • Prepare Your Excel File: Make sure it's organized and well-structured.
  • Feature Access: Go to the platform apps and locate the option to begin with data. Here, uploading an Excel file is possible.
  • Upload Your Excel File: Choose the Excel file you wish to convert into a platform app.
  • Create Your App: After uploading, click the option prompting to create an app and let CoPilot AI work its wonder, and your platform app will be ready within seconds.
  • Customize Your App: Once your app is ready, you can tweak it as per your requirements. Since it is an operational platform application, you hold the capability to make customizations.

Do note that your data isn't required to be in a table as CoPilot AI can process ranges as well. However, the AI only scans the first sheet of your Excel file. Any data on other sheets that you would want to include should be on the first sheet. Other considerations include being cautious about formatting and ensuring to close Excel before trying to import it. Remember, this is a premium feature built on top of Dataverse, making the capabilities you'll gain more significant.

This technological advancement is a game-changer, transiting from Excel to Dataverse, which is the best data source for a platform application. It's like swapping a bicycle for a sports car. Although both would get you to your destination, one does it much faster and stylishly. So, are you ready to embark on this exciting journey of platform applications? If you encounter bumps along the way, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Whether it's this Excel-to-platform-App transition or any other challenge related to a platform application, we've got your back.


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