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Convert SharePoint Lists to Dataverse & Enable Copilot Apps
Microsoft Dataverse
Apr 16, 2024 11:00 AM

Convert SharePoint Lists to Dataverse & Enable Copilot Apps

by HubSite 365 about Reza Dorrani

Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Power CAT Team | Power Platform Content Creator

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Unlock the power of Dataverse: Effortlessly convert SharePoint Lists to Power Apps with our expert guide!

Key insights


  • Discover how to transform your SharePoint Lists into Dataverse Tables and Copilot ready Canvas Power Apps in a seamless experience.
  • Understand the advantages of using Microsoft Dataverse over SharePoint for enterprise app development scenarios.
  • Learn about the new "Create with SharePoint List" option in Power Apps which utilizes Copilot assistance to import list data into Dataverse tables and create Power Apps effortlessly.
  • See a demonstration on how to import data from multiple SharePoint lists into Dataverse Tables, including complex columns like lookup and person fields.
  • Quickly frame a Model-driven Power App to showcase the imported data and relationships in Dataverse.

Exploring SharePoint and Dataverse Integration

With the rise of digital transformation, organizations are constantly searching for efficient ways to manage and utilize their data for app development. One significant stride in this direction is the integration of SharePoint Lists with Microsoft Dataverse, championing a new era for enterprise app development. This integration facilitates a smoother transition from traditional SharePoint Lists to more advanced, scalable Dataverse Tables which are Copilot ready for Canvas Power Apps creation. It leverages the power of Microsoft's cloud solutions to bring about a cohesive and streamlined experience in developing enterprise-level apps.

Through the 'Create with SharePoint List' feature in Power Apps, users can now effortlessly import their SharePoint List data into Dataverse tables, simultaneously generating Power Apps with the assistance of Copilot. This process not only simplifies the app development journey but also opens up new possibilities in terms of app functionalities and complexity handling, such as dealing with lookup and person fields in Dataverse Tables. Furthermore, this integration underscores the benefits of utilizing Dataverse for app development, promoting enhanced data management, scalability, and security in contrast to SharePoint Lists.

The transformation of SharePoint Lists into Dataverse Tables and the ability to create Model-driven Power Apps points towards a future where data and app development are more interconnected than ever. It represents a significant leap forward in how developers approach enterprise app development, making it more accessible, efficient, and robust. As more organizations begin to adopt this integration, it's expected to revolutionize the way enterprise apps are developed, maintained, and scaled, marking a new chapter in enterprise digital transformation.

In a comprehensive tutorial video, Reza Dorrani illustrates how to transition SharePoint Lists into Microsoft Dataverse tables and further into Copilot-ready Canvas Power Apps effortlessly. This guide emphasizes the superiority of Microsoft Dataverse in building enterprise apps, comparing it favorably with SharePoint. Dorrani discusses the distinctions between these platforms, shedding light on the specific advantages offered by Microsoft Dataverse.

The newly introduced "Create with SharePoint List" feature in Power Apps, aided by Copilot, simplifies the data migration process from SharePoint lists into Microsoft Dataverse tables. Dorrani provides a step-by-step demonstration on incorporating data from various SharePoint lists into Dataverse tables. This process includes handling intricate columns like lookup and person fields, and swiftly assembling a Model-driven Power App to display the imported data and its interrelations effectively.

Importing data into Microsoft Dataverse from SharePoint lists has been made more accessible. Dorrani walks viewers through the Enterprise App development process, highlighting crucial Microsoft Dataverse features and making a comparison with SharePoint lists. He meticulously guides on how to import SharePoint data into Dataverse and utilize Copilot for building Power Apps, offering insights on managing multiple SharePoint lists.

By the end of the video, viewers gain a solid understanding of building Power Apps with data imported into Dataverse. Dorrani breaks down the steps into easily digestible segments, ensuring viewers can follow along the transformation process from SharePoint lists to Dataverse tables efficiently. This tutorial not only simplifies app development processes but also opens up avenues for advanced data management and app customization.

Microsoft Dataverse - Convert SharePoint Lists to Dataverse & Enable Copilot Apps


People also ask

How do I import data from SharePoint list to Dataverse?

To facilitate the importation of data from a SharePoint list into Dataverse, initiate by selecting 'List.' Then, in your SharePoint instance, establish a connection ensuring you possess the necessary authorization to access the data in question.

What is the difference between Dataverse Table and SharePoint list?

Interfacing with a Dataverse table aligns with the traditional experience of managing database tables, encompassing the creation of relationships among tables. Conversely, SharePoint lists enable the development of applications that can cater to a wide range of records, from a few hundreds up to thousands.

What is the difference between Dataverse and SharePoint list delegation?

Indeed, one of the most significant advantages of utilizing a Dataverse table is its capacity to manage substantial datasets, approximately up to 30 million rows. This offers a broader scope for delegable operations which simplifies in-app queries significantly. Furthermore, Dataverse tables feature configurable Views that support more advanced data filtering and sorting functionalities compared to SharePoint Lists.

Can Dataverse connect to SharePoint?

For those seeking to establish a connection from Microsoft Dataverse to a SharePoint Online List within Office 365, pertinent "how-to-connect" documentation is available. This documentation assumes that the Layer2 Cloud Connector is already installed and that the user is acquainted with its fundamental operations.



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