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Filtering Dataverse data by the current user in Cards for Power Apps
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Aug 18, 2023 6:00 PM

Filtering Dataverse data by the current user in Cards for Power Apps

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While playing around cards for Power Apps, I noted that the User Power Fx function that is used in Canvas Apps to detect the current user

The text discusses data filtering in Power Apps using the 'User Power Fx' function, which is replaced by 'Viewer' in Cards. The Viewer object utilizes three properties - name, aadObjectId, and id - to filter data. The preferred choice is aadObjectId due to its precision, as names may not always be unique. To filter items created by a user in a Dataverse table, the 'Created By' and 'Azure AD Object Id' filter formula is used.

However, delegation is currently not supported for the filter function in Cards. The filtered values can be used in the Fact set, using the syntax provided. The LookUp function can also be used to filter results by the current user. The LookUp supports delegation but has limitations like not supporting filtering data by a column other than the Id column. Results can be viewed directly in the player or pasted on Teams.

In conclusion, using the Viewer.aadObjectId property aids in filtering data related to the current user in cards. It's however vital to remember that delegation only works partially in Cards as of now, with a prospective full support in the future.

Highlights: Delegating Data Filtering in Power Apps

The 'Viewer' object is a significant development in Power Apps that assists in data filtering, especially for data associated with a current user. It harnesses the aadObjectId property for precision and overall efficiency. Interestingly, the LookUp function backs delegation but has constraints - it does not support data filtering by a column outside the Id column.

Overall, while the partial functionality of delegation in Cards is an issue, expectations are high for future improvements. Therefore, the Viewer.aadObjectId property is a valuable tool in data filtering in Power Apps.

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Learn about Filtering Dataverse data by the current user in Cards for Power Apps

Filtering data in Power Apps cards by the current user requires the use of a new object called Viewer, which has three properties that can be used to filter data: name, aadObjectId, and id. Filtering data by the user's display name can be tricky, so it is best to use the aadObjectId for a more precise result. To filter data in a Dataverse table, the filter formula should use the 'Created By' and the 'Azure AD Object Id', and delegation is not currently supported. The LookUp function can also be used to filter results, but only by the Id column and with delegation support. When running the card in the player/pasting it into Teams, the filtered items from the table will be displayed. While delegation support is not fully available yet, the Viewer object can be used to filter data associated/created by the current user in cards.


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