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Teams vs. Power Apps: Long-Term Cost-Benefit Analysis
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Jan 3, 2024 10:00 PM

Teams vs. Power Apps: Long-Term Cost-Benefit Analysis

by HubSite 365 about Andrew Connell - Voitanos

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Unlocking Teams App Value: Why It May Trump Power Apps For Longevity & Savings

Key insights

The video discusses a trend in software development where customers are increasingly interested in shifting from Power Apps to Microsoft Teams apps and Microsoft 365 apps. This transition is not just about reducing licensing costs but also about finding more suitable development alternatives.

A common observation among developers is a growing demand for Microsoft Teams app development, as customers want to utilize their existing Power App investments more effectively across various platforms, specifically within Microsoft's ecosystem.

The frustrations around Power Apps often revolve around licensing issues, which are considered complicated and expensive for many users. The video also touches upon the challenges of maintaining and expanding Power Apps due to rigid flexibility and complex maintenance requirements.

  • Developers reported their clients face difficulties in maintaining apps post-deployment, especially when adapting to new feature requests.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams demands custom connectors with a premium license, adding to the overall cost and complexity of using Power Apps.
  • Conversely, full stack apps like Microsoft Teams apps and Microsoft 365 apps are seen to have lower ongoing costs post-construction, compared to Power Apps.

Microsoft Teams app development, compared to Power Apps, can potentially offer long-term cost savings, eliminating the continuous licensing expenses associated with Power Apps. Customers should be informed about their options and the advantages and disadvantages each platform brings.

As more companies realize the hidden, ongoing costs of low-code and no-code solutions, there's a clear shift towards Microsoft Teams apps development, suggesting a new trend away from just relying on Power Apps.



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