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Modern Power Apps Gallery Design: Easy Tutorial
Power Apps
Mar 18, 2024 3:00 PM

Modern Power Apps Gallery Design: Easy Tutorial

by HubSite 365 about Reza Dorrani

Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Power CAT Team | Power Platform Content Creator

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Unlock Modern Gallery Designs in PowerApps: A Step-by-Step Guide to Elevate Your Data Representation!

Key insights

  • Learn to customize Power Apps Galleries using modern controls for personalized data representation.
  • Discover techniques to style PowerApps Galleries in table/list or card style, including drop shadow effects and theme-respecting controls.
  • Explore modern style properties and controls to enhance your gallery designs.
  • Appropriate for all levels, the tutorial empowers users to elevate their gallery design skills.
  • Covers essentials such as adding headers to galleries and incorporating animated lines with modern progress bar control.

Exploring Modern Gallery Designs in Power Apps

Power Apps continues to evolve, offering new ways for creators to present data in a visually appealing manner. One such advancement is the use of modern gallery designs. These galleries not only improve the aesthetics of an app but also enhance user engagement through interactive and custom elements. By adopting modern controls, app developers can now create galleries that are not just informative but also visually compelling.

The significance of this tutorial lies in its comprehensive coverage, starting from the basics of gallery design to advanced customization techniques. It breaks down the process into digestible steps, ensuring that even those new to Power Apps can follow along and apply these concepts effectively. This approach promotes a deeper understanding of how modern UI elements can be utilized to create more dynamic and user-friendly applications.

Emphasizing practical learning, the tutorial showcases the application of modern controls and style properties through an interactive step-by-step guide. This hands-on methodology is designed to equip users with the skills necessary to not only replicate the demonstrated designs but also inspire them to experiment with their own creative ideas. By embracing these modern gallery designs, developers can push the boundaries of what's possible in Power Apps, leading to the creation of innovative and personalized app solutions.

Power Apps Modern Gallery Design: A Comprehensive Guide
This video, created by Reza Dorrani, serves as a step-by-step tutorial on how to enhance your gallery designs in Power Apps. It introduces viewers to the concept of modern gallery designs, showcasing how customization can be achieved with modern controls.

The tutorial covers various styles for galleries, such as table/list and card styles, and demonstrates how to add visually appealing elements like drop shadow effects. It also guides users on using modern controls that are theme-compliant and explores new style properties, providing a broad overview of the design capabilities within Power Apps.

Targeting both beginners and advanced users, the tutorial aims to equip viewers with the necessary skills to elevate their gallery designs. By detailing the process of designing a Power Apps gallery, incorporating modern controls and effects, it presents an opportunity for viewers to tailor their data presentation creatively.

The video breakdown includes an introduction to modern gallery designs, advice on integrating modern controls into your Power Apps galleries, and a detailed step-by-step guide on building these galleries. Special highlights include adding headers to galleries and incorporating animated lines using modern progress bar controls, enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of the designs.

Expanding on Power Apps Gallery Customization

Power Apps offers a versatile platform for app development, allowing users to create customized solutions tailored to their needs. One of the key features is the ability to design galleries that visually represent data in a user-friendly manner. Galleries can be styled in various ways, including table or list and card styles, offering flexibility in data presentation.

Modern controls in Power Apps allow for a higher degree of customization, enabling developers to create galleries that not only look good but are also functional and accessible. These controls adhere to app themes, ensuring a consistent look and feel across the app. Additionally, the introduction of modern style properties opens up new possibilities for customization, allowing for designs that were not possible before.

Designing an effective gallery in Power Apps involves not just the visual aspect but also considering user interaction and the overall user experience. The tutorial by Reza Dorrani emphasizes the importance of blending aesthetics with functionality, showing how modern controls can enhance both.

With Power Apps, the potential for customization is vast. The platform provides all the tools necessary for developers to experiment and innovate with their gallery designs. Whether it's adding drop shadow effects for depth, using animated lines for a dynamic feel, or exploring new style properties, Power Apps equips developers with the means to create modern, engaging galleries.

Furthermore, these enhancements are not just for aesthetic purposes; they play a crucial role in making data more accessible and understandable to users. By designing galleries that are not only pleasing to the eye but also easy to navigate, developers can improve the overall user experience, making their apps more effective and user-friendly.

Power Apps is continually evolving, and with each update, new features and capabilities are introduced. Staying abreast of these changes and learning how to utilize them effectively can significantly impact the success of your app development projects. Tutorials like the one provided by Reza Dorrani are invaluable resources for developers looking to refine their skills and stay ahead in the ever-changing landscape of app development. For more information on Power Apps and other tools, visit Power Apps.


People also ask

How do you create a new gallery Power Apps?

To begin the creation of a new gallery in Power Apps, initiate the Power Apps builder through your browser. Upon opening, proceed by selecting the plus icon located on the left side. Subsequently, opt for the creation of a blank canvas app as demonstrated. Following this, a dialog box will prompt you to decide between creating a form or a gallery.

How do I make my gallery look good in Power Apps?

Enhancing the aesthetics of your gallery items can be achieved by incorporating box shadows. This technique moves away from the traditional blocky design characterized by flat rectangles or separator lines for distinguishing records. Utilizing HTML text combined with a div container and embedding a box-shadow style can significantly refine the separation of records with a softer, more appealing look.

How do I edit a gallery in Power Apps?

To modify a selected item within a gallery, simply engage in the editing process of that specific item.

How many types of gallery are there in Power Apps?

In Power Apps, there are three distinct layout types available for gallery controls within your app: Vertical, where each data row is displayed vertically down the canvas; Horizontal, which displays each data row horizontally across the canvas; and Flexible height, where data rows are shown vertically down the page, adjusting according to content size.


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