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Power Platform Conference 2023 Announcements
Power Platform
Oct 4, 2023 6:00 AM

Power Platform Conference 2023 Announcements

by HubSite 365 about Lisa Crosbie [MVP]

Evangelist at Barhead Solutions | Microsoft Business Applications MVP | Content Creator

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Maximize AI use with Microsoft Power Platform Copilot at Power Platform Conference October 2023.

Microsoft Power Platform's October 2023 conference introduced the AI-assisted low-code development, which promised exciting advancements such as AI enhancement in low-code development, facilitated by Power Platform Copilot. This shift draws attention to the role of AI in development, featuring over 126,000 organizations, set to benefit from this innovative direction.


  • New Copilot capabilities in Power Pages are making it much easier to build data-driven websites. With a few sentences and clicks, developers can use Copilot in Power Pages to create websites and multi-step forms.

  • We have also evolved the Copilot control in Power Apps, enabling makers to fully customize their AI-assistants and extend their Copilot through Power Virtual Agents.

  • Together with improvements to next-generation AI in Power Automate, we’re fueling faster development by enabling Copilot by default and making the version three designer generally available.

  • Building on the successful launch of the Power Up program, which attracted more than 22,000 participants from more than 180 countries, we are excited to announce our latest expansion. In response to community feedback and to promote collaborative learning, this year, we are introducing group learning opportunities.


Thanks to these amenities, Microsoft Power Platform, which successfully established itself with over 5.2 million monthly active users, will now reap the fruits of AI-driven growth. Exciting new developments are underway that includes enhancements in Power Automate design and a simplified mechanism to accelerate maker onboarding.

The incorporation of Copilot in the Power Pages allows for the simple creation of data-driven websites. Developers can use natural language to describe the website they wish to build, enabling them to generate a sitemap, homepage and multi-step forms with minimal effort. This feature simplifies website creation, while increasing productivity significantly.

In addition, the Copilot control has evolved in Power Apps, making it possible to create more personalized AI-assistants. This is achieved through the integration of Copilot control with Power Virtual Agents' generative actions, offering advanced features to speed up development.

Power Automate now comes with a default-enabled Copilot and presents a generally available version three designer. The enhanced Copilot allows more parameters for the flows and actions it generates, streamlining the development process.

In light of streamlining governance and security, a set of capabilities have been rolled out in Managed Environments. Environment routing allows administrators to automatically place makers in dedicated developer environments, boosting efficacy and governance. Furthermore, the upgraded platform offers proactive recommendations and inline actions, helping administrators stay ahead of security threats.

Microsoft has introduced group learning opportunities and an invite-only Super Users group as an extension of the community. Super users contribute by answering questions, creating educational content, and providing support while enjoying exclusive benefits, such as access to monthly meetings with Microsoft and expert badges.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to community members, customers, and partners who joined this year's Microsoft Power Platform Conference. Further advancements in the platform will be discussed at Microsoft Ignite, scheduled for November 14–17, 2023.

Further Escape into the Power of AI in Development

The advancements that Microsoft's Power Platform Copilot brings to the field of low-code solutions are groundbreaking. With its AI capabilities, the development process is significantly simplified and democratized, enabling a broader audience to access and navigate the platform. Looking ahead, the future of low-code solutions is expected to be even more AI-driven, bringing a sea of opportunities and unprecedented potential to the realm of development.

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