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Resetting Controls in Power Apps
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Power Apps
Sep 20, 2023 2:00 PM

Resetting Controls in Power Apps

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Sometimes we need functionality to reset various controls in our canvas apps. This might be after a user has submitted a record and needs to clear down their re

Resetting Controls in Power Apps can be required for various reasons such as following a user's record submission needing to have their responses cleared, or resetting filters used for a gallery. The control resetting process differs depending on the scenario. Control can be reset with the help of Power Fx and the Reset function, which is dedicated to returning a control to its default value. While a powerful function, it has limitations. For instance, it requires you to specify the control you wish to reset each time.

  • Resetting a text input control, for example, a txtTextInputSingle, can be achieved by adding a button and programming the OnSelect property to Reset(txtTextInputSingle).
  • To reset multiple controls, the controls need to be listed in the Reset function, and it's good to group these into a Concurrent function. Once this is done, pressing the button refreshes all controls as required.
  • This can get a little chaotic when more controls are added to the screen and need to be included in the Power Fx.

Finding alternatives for Power Fx Reset Function

On the other hand, Resetting controls within a Power Apps gallery does not work well as the refresh only occurs for the controlling line and not every instance. However, the Reset function for galleries can be used well to reset the gallery scroll position back to the top. The ResetForm function is the recommended option for resetting all controls inside a form back to their default state. Button Press, another alternative, resets the controls before the OnSelect code finishes, which can be problematic. The commonly used method to reset controls is the VARIABLE method because of its flexibility across most control types. It uses a boolean (true or false) variable that can be switched to true, then false to reset controls.


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The main topic of the text is about resetting controls in Power Apps, with a specific emphasis on using the dedicated RESET function in Power Fx to reset a control back to its default value. Various scenarios are identified where this might be necessary, such as after a user has submitted a record or to reset filters for a gallery. The content outlines a step-by-step guide showing how to use the RESET function to reset a single control, as well as multiple controls using the Concurrent function.

The text also notes that while this is a common method to reset controls, it has some limitations. For instance, each control that needs to be refreshed has to be specified, hence the necessity to keep expanding the Power Fx to include any additional controls added. Additionally, the author notes that users should be aware of certain nuances mentioned in the documentation. Lastly, the author then plans to demonstrate the use of reset functions with a gallery set up.


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