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Boost Power Apps: Learn Power Fx with Copilot Guide
Power Apps
May 6, 2024 7:00 PM

Boost Power Apps: Learn Power Fx with Copilot Guide

by HubSite 365 about April Dunnam

Principal Power Platform Advocacy Team Lead at Microsoft ◉ YouTuber ◉ Speaker ◉ LinkedIn Learning Course Author ◉ Low Code Revolution Host

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Unlock AI Magic: Master Power Fx with Copilot in Power Apps - Easy, Fast, & Intuitive Tutorial!

Key insights


  • Master Power Fx formulas in Power Apps using Copilot to create and understand them easily.
  • Utilize Copilot to translate natural language into Power Fx formulas and use comments for better documentation.
  • Before using, ensure the Power Fx formula bar is enabled and Copilot is activated for your environment.
  • Be aware of the tool's limitations, such as a 1000 character limit for formula explanations and the inability to recognize user-defined functions or work in certain regions.
  • Feed comments to Copilot in the formula bar for formula suggestions, enhancing code documentation, but note some restrictions in usage.

Exploring the Integration of AI with Power Fx in Power Apps

The use of Copilot in Power Apps signifies a notable advancement in integrating artificial intelligence with Power Fx, the formula language utilized within the platform. This development not only simplifies the process of creating and understanding complex formulas but also aids both novices and experienced users in enhancing their productivity and efficiency. The capability to convert natural language into Power Fx formulas through Copilot opens a new avenue for non-technical users to participate more actively in app development.

Introduction to Enhancing Power Apps with AI

April Dunnam's YouTube video focuses on how to effectively use Copilot in Power Apps to create and interpret Power Fx formulas. This tool significantly simplifies the process of developing applications by translating natural language into Power Fx code. Dunnam discusses the usefulness of the feature for both beginners and experienced users, emphasizing its ability to enhance productivity and understanding.

Setting Up Copilot for Power Fx

  • To activate Copilot, enable the Power Fx formula bar in app settings.
  • Ensure Copilot is enabled in your environment and that language settings are set to English.
  • Be aware of AI's limitations and check generated content for accuracy.

April Dunnam notes the prerequisites for using Copilot in Power Apps, including enabling the Power Fx formula bar and ensuring Copilot is activated for your environment. She underlines the importance of the English language setting and cautions users to verify the accuracy of AI-generated content.

Interacting with Copilot in Power Apps

  • Utilize Copilot to explain formulas and insert explanations as comments.
  • Use code comments to generate formula suggestions with Copilot.
  • Understand the limitations and responsible use of AI in Power Apps.

The video illustrates how users can interact with Copilot to better understand and create Power Fx formulas. Dunnam explains how to use Copilot to get explanations of formulas and how to use comments to receive formula suggestions. Additionally, she touches on the responsible use of AI and the specific limitations within Power Apps, such as the non-support for user-defined functions and regional availability.



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"To activate Copilot in Power Apps, navigate to Power Apps Studio, and from the command bar select 'Settings' followed by 'Upcoming features'. In the 'Preview' tab, switch the 'Edit in Copilot Studio' toggle to the 'On' position to connect the Copilot (preview) control to a Copilot Studio Copilot." "To utilize Power Fx as an expression language within Power Automate for desktop flows, begin by creating a desktop flow. During this process, make sure to activate the toggle button to enable Power Fx, remembering that all Power Fx expressions should commence with an '=' (equals sign)." "In Power Apps, formulas can be utilized in various ways. For example, to set the text color, one would use the formula syntax without enclosing parentheses, separating values with a comma." "The 'With' function in Power Apps serves to enhance the readability of complex formulas. It achieves this by breaking them into smaller, named sub-formulas, acting as local variables within the 'With' function's scope. This function utilizes the same inline record syntax found in the 'UpdateContext' function."



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