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Enhance Your App Development with Power Apps Creator Kit
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Power Apps
Oct 20, 2022 7:59 AM

Enhance Your App Development with Power Apps Creator Kit

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Senior Power Platform Global Black Belt at Microsoft

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Maximize your Power Apps with Microsofts Power Apps Creator Kit for enhanced user experience & seamless UI design.

The latest innovation from Power Apps amicably solves the daunting aspects tied to creating aesthetical and enjoyable user interfaces in app development. The introduction of the Power Apps Creator Kit by Microsoft, is a game changer, as it places efficient design and UI/UX at the heart of app creation. If you've struggled with how app design relates to the user experience, this Kit has got you covered!

Let's delve into the Power Apps Creator Kit. Featuring a series of UI controls and templates predicated on Fluent UI, these components make it a breeze for app creators to bring forth highly engaging app experiences. Additionally, Fluent UI brings in alignment with the design standards employed across Microsoft 365 services thereby ensuring consistency.

Let's explore the components bundled with the development Kit:

  • Inputs like auto-width label and resizable text area.
  • Icon controls with functions as a button.
  • Search box for creating search experiences.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! The kit comes with extensive features including navigation controls, list modules, and input pickers to ease usability and enhance user experience. Providing standard controls like the breadcrumb for displaying user's path or search boxes for improving a user's search experience demonstrates the user-first approach.

The Creator Kit also offers items and lists, with features like a 'Details List' that showcases an information-rich collection of items with sorting and filtering. The 'Facepile' control displays a list of people, with their image or initials. Then there's the 'Tag List', a control that displays relevant tags based on its context in the application. Incredible, right?

Furthermore, this includes pickers for choosing calendar dates, selecting individuals or groups, or even choosing multiple items from a list. If you require progress indicators, the Creator Kit has you covered with components like a shimmer, spinner, and a progress indicator.

Apart from these, there are also surface controls, such as a dialog for temporary pop-up windows, and panel controls for displaying supplementary content, among others. Also part of the roster are utilities like keyboard shortcuts, enabling users to perform actions like setting focus to a specific textbox.

The Creator Kit also includes a Fluent Theme Designer app that simplifies the creation of customized themes. These can then be exported and integrated into your application. This compilation of assets not only promotes best practices in design and user experience but also ensures consistency between applications.

A Broader Look At Power Apps

Power Apps is Microsoft's popular suite for app development, enabling creators to design and build high-quality applications without the need for exhaustive coding. It provides a drag-and-drop interface that empowers anyone to turn great ideas into fully functional applications. With the addition of the Power Apps Creator Kit, this suite has once again underscored its commitment to simplifying app development while elevating user experience.

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Power Apps - Enhance Your App Development with Power Apps Creator Kit

Learn about Power Apps Creator Kit: Take Your Apps to the Next Level

With the advent of Microsoft's latest innovation, the Power Apps Creator Kit, making your applications look visually appealing while also focusing on user experience is no longer a complex task.

This lifesaver for many creators is a compendium of UI controls and templates designed to aid every developer in delivering positive application experiences for application creators in a more rapid and efficient way. The Kit revolves around the Fluent UI, which encompasses various UX frameworks dedicated to the creation of beautiful, cross-platform applications that adhere to the best design practices.

This UI framework isn't only specific to the Creator Kit, but is utilized across multiple Microsoft 365 services, such as Teams, Word, Excel, Power BI, and more. The integration of Fluent UI across the board aids in developing a consistent user experience throughout all applications.

The Creator Kit offers a multitude of versatile components:

  • Basic Inputs— including auto-width labels, icons, resizable text areas, and search boxes
  • Commands, Menus, & Navs— featuring breadcrumbs, context menus, command bars, headers, navs, expand menus, and pivots
  • Items & Lists— delivering details lists, facepiles, personas, and tag lists
  • Pickers— presenting calendar pickers, people pickers, and general pickers
  • Progress indicators— providing shimmer, spinner, and progress indicator controls
  • Surfaces— facilitating dialog and panel controls
  • Utilities— offering elevation controls and keyboard shortcuts

All these components come together to deliver a comprehensive design and user experience. Not only does the Creator Kit offer all these components, but it also includes the Fluent Theme Designer app. This user-friendly tool enables you to create a customized theme, export the theme details, and implement them directly into your app.

The collaboration of these resources equips makers with the ability to create apps that not only adhere to the top-tier design and user experience best practices but also cultivate consistency between applications.

With the ready-to-use Creator Kit, it's time to elevate your app designs to the next level. You can also get a practical, real-time walk-through of the Creator Kit by watching the Microsoft team's video demonstration.

Stay up-to-date with future enhancements to the Creator Kit by checking out the public backlog for any updates about what's coming next. Embrace this opportunity to enhance your app development and design skills.

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