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Model-Driven Power Apps Maximize Functionality with Co-Pilot
Model-Driven App
Sep 22, 2023 12:30 PM

Model-Driven Power Apps Maximize Functionality with Co-Pilot

by HubSite 365 about Pragmatic Works

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Boost productivity with Co-Pilot for Model-Driven Power Apps - an AI assistant that offers insights via natural language conversation.

In the video by "Pragmatic Works", the narrative unfolds around the concept of using the Co-Pilot for Model-Driven Power Apps. By utilizing the next-generation AI assistant, Co-Pilot, insights can be easily derived while navigating the apps via natural language conversation. The video provides a tutorial on enabling and using the Co-Pilot in model-driven apps along with how to provide feedback for enhancing its capabilities.

In addition, the video also demonstrates how Co-Pilot can answer data-related queries, powered by Azure OpenAI Service. This makes it a constructive tool for both beginners and experts alike in boosting productivity and enhancing the intelligence of their apps.

Understanding Co-Pilot for Model-Driven Power Apps

The Co-Pilot for Model-Driven Power Apps is a game-changer in the now AI-driven world. It not just boosts productivity levels but also makes apps smarter. Facilitating queries through natural language conversation, it helps users better navigate through apps. It's offer of generating insights makes it an effective tool for beginners as well as experts.

The Co-Pilot is powered by Azure OpenAI Service, which intensely contributes to its capability of sensitive data handling. Its user-friendly approach of guiding users on how to enhance its functionality is highly beneficial. The video also informs users about the necessity of providing feedback which would significantly improve the AI assistant's capabilities.

Learn about Using Co-Pilot for Model-Driven Power Apps

The video is about using Co-Pilot for Model-Driven Power Apps - a next-generation AI assistant that provides insights and helps navigate apps using natural language conversation. It shows how Co-Pilot can be enabled in model-driven apps, and how users can provide feedback to improve its capabilities. Additionally, the video highlights Co-Pilot's ability to answer questions about data, thanks to Azure OpenAI Service. It makes it clear that regardless of the user's expertise level, Co-Pilot can enhance productivity and enrich apps with intelligence.

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