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Streamline Lab Credential Distribution with Automation
Power Automate
Feb 12, 2024 4:00 PM

Streamline Lab Credential Distribution with Automation

by HubSite 365 about Daniel Christian [MVP]

Lead Infrastructure Engineer / Vice President | Microsoft MCT & MVP | Speaker & Blogger

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Revolutionize Your Workshop with Automated Lab Credential Delivery!

Key insights


Enhancing Workshop Efficiency: Automating Lab Credential Distribution

The process involves leveraging Forms, SharePoint lists, and Power Automate to distribute workshop lab credentials efficiently, avoiding the traditional method of physical notes or labels. This automation is designed to detect and handle duplicate requests by ensuring that only the original credentials are sent.

  • Introduction of a smart flow that utilizes Microsoft Forms, SharePoint Lists, and Power Automate for seamless credential distribution.
  • Highlight of the flow's capability to identify duplicate requests, ensuring efficient credential delivery.
  • Overview of the automation process, including pre-event notifications and delivery of workshop lab credentials.
  • Explanation of the tools used: Microsoft 365 Outlook for email communications and SharePoint List for organizing lab credentials.
  • Summary of the process with a clear conclusion, providing a comprehensive understanding of the system's benefits and functionality.

Workshop Lab Credential Automation

Automating the delivery of workshop lab credentials has become an essential practice for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of educational and training environments. This approach significantly reduces the manual workload on organizers and presenters by streamlining the distribution process. By utilizing platforms such as Microsoft Forms, SharePoint, and Power Automate, workshop facilitators can ensure that participants receive the necessary access information promptly and securely. This system not only simplifies the management of workshop resources but also minimizes the risks of errors and oversights that can occur with manual methods. The ability to detect and manage duplicate requests further exemplifies the system's intelligence, ensuring that each participant gets unique and correct credentials without unnecessary repetition or confusion. Overall, the automation of lab credential distribution represents a shift towards more technologically integrated and participant-focused workshop delivery models, enhancing learning experiences and administrative efficiency alike.


Automate Workshop Lab Credentials Delivery Process is the intriguing theme of a recent YouTube video by Daniel Christian [MVP], aimed at professionals organizing workshops. This innovative approach utilizes Microsoft Forms, SharePoint Lists, and Power Automate to distribute lab credentials efficiently. Instead of traditional methods such as printed notes or labels, this automation ensures a seamless and error-free delivery to participants.

Daniel highlights the importance of automating this process to not only save time but also to reduce the possibility of errors. What makes this automation standout is its smart feature that prevents duplicate credential distribution, ensuring that even if a request is made more than once, only the original set of credentials is sent. This meticulous attention to detail streamlines the preparation process for workshop presenters.

The video tutorial covers the entire scope of the automation setup starting with a preparatory notification sent a week ahead of the event. This is followed by the actual dispatch of workshop lab credentials equipped with all the necessary information. Daniel provides a walkthrough of using Microsoft Forms for initial data collection and SharePoint Lists to organize lab credentials. The heart of this setup is the use of Power Automate to manage the workflow and Microsoft 365 Outlook for final communication.

Aside from the technical setup, Daniel also shares insights into why automating the delivery of workshop lab credentials is beneficial. This new method not only enhances the participant experience but also significantly lightens the workload for workshop organizers. Moreover, the utilization of Microsoft's ecosystem products ensures compatibility and ease of integration for those already immersed in this environment.

Concluding his video, Daniel emphasizes the transformative potential of automation in managing repetitive tasks more efficiently. By showcasing this particular use case, he encourages educators and workshop facilitators to consider similar automated solutions for other aspects of their work. This not only marks a shift towards more digital-savvy teaching and presenting methods but also showcases the versatility of tools like Power Automate in everyday professional contexts.

Streamlining Workshop Lab Credentials Delivery

Hey Everyone, I want to share how I improve the way I hand out workshop lab credentials for the events I lead. Instead of the traditional method of giving out printed notes or labels, I've found a more efficient solution. By integrating Forms, SharePoint lists, and Power Automate, I've managed to streamline the entire process

This innovative approach not only saves time but also enhances the experience for attendees. With the implementation of this system, I've also included safeguards against duplicate requests, ensuring that each participant receives their unique credentials without any confusion or overlap.

  • Introduction to the process
  • Benefits of automating credential delivery
  • Step-by-step automation tutorial: sending notices, distributing credentials
  • Utilizing Microsoft Forms for attendee information
  • Organizing data with SharePoint Lists
  • Setting up a flow with Power Automate
  • Incorporating Microsoft 365 Outlook for communication
  • Final thoughts and benefits

This method not only simplifies the administrative work behind organizing workshops but also significantly elevates the participant's experience by providing a seamless and hassle-free process. Automating this process is an excellent example of how technology can be used to improve efficiency and effectiveness in educational settings.



Power Automate - Streamline Lab Credential Distribution with Automation


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