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Create Dataverse Invoice with Power Automate: A Guide
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May 12, 2024 12:10 PM

Create Dataverse Invoice with Power Automate: A Guide

by HubSite 365 about Temmy Wahyu Raharjo

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Automate Vendor Invoice Processing with Power Automate & Dataverse! Learn How on Our Detailed Guide.

Key insights




  • Utilize Power Automate for automating the creation of Vendor Invoice records in Dataverse using uploaded PDFs on OneDrive.
  • Creating Dataverse Custom API and Power Automate flows is essential to automate Invoice information extraction and data entry.
  • The automation process involves extracting information, mapping it onto Dataverse tables, and ensuring the existence of Accounts and Products.
  • Requires custom adjustments based on the document format, particularly in the Custom API part for accurate data processing.
  • Practical implementation demonstrated with a sample Vendor Invoice PDF, showcasing the ease of low + pro code approaches in automating database entries.

Exploring the Power of Low and Pro Code in Automating Business Processes

Automation of business processes, particularly in handling invoices and vendor data, has been significantly enhanced by combining low and pro code methodologies. By utilizing tools like Power Automate, businesses can automate the extraction and manipulation of data from PDF invoices directly into their Dataverse. This process not only streamlines the handling of vendor invoices by transforming them into structured database records but also highlights the flexibility and efficiency of leveraging Cloud services like OneDrive for triggering automation flows.

Hello! In today's guide, Temmy Wahyu Raharjo will show us how to automate the creation of a Vendor Invoice record in Dataverse with an uploaded Vendor Invoice PDF in OneDrive’s company folder. This process uses Power Automate to streamline the workflow, requiring specific information to be extracted from invoices.

Initially, the focus is on preparing necessary tables like Vendor Invoice and Vendor Invoice Detail Tables in Dataverse to store the extracted data. Following this, a detailed walkthrough of creating a Power Automate flow is provided. This flow triggers when a PDF file is uploaded to OneDrive, filters documents by type, and extracts invoice information using a specified action.

The core of the solution lies in leveraging Dataverse Custom API for seamless data integration, a method preferred for its simplicity. Additionally, it delves into the creation of a plugin code to handle the processing of the JSON model with Dataverse table data, ensuring account and product details exist or are created as needed.

Finally, the process concludes by creating a Dataverse Custom API using Custom API Manager and integrating it into the Power Automate flow. This showcases a complete cycle from data extraction to record creation.


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Power Automate - Create Dataverse Invoice with Power Automate: A Guide





People also ask

"How do I extract from invoices in power automate?"

To extract information from invoices using Power Automate, initiate by adding a new step. Select the +New step, choose AI Builder, and then pick the 'Extract information from invoices' from the available list of actions. In the 'Invoice file' input, specify 'My invoice' coming from the trigger. Following this, you have the flexibility to utilize any invoice values provided by the model output in subsequent actions.

"How to use dataverse in Power Automate?"

Engaging with Dataverse in Power Automate does not require your flows to initiate from a Dataverse connector trigger. To create cloud flows activated by changes in Dataverse tables or custom messages, employ the Microsoft Dataverse connector. For instance, this configuration enables the dispatch of an email each time an update occurs in a row within Dataverse.



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