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Boost Workflow with Power Automate & Adaptive Cards
Power Automate
Dec 2, 2023 9:30 PM

Boost Workflow with Power Automate & Adaptive Cards

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Maximize Efficiency with Custom Adaptive Cards in Power Automate - Learn How!

Customizing peak performance with Power Automate and custom Adaptive Cards is a hot topic in the modern workplace. Azure McFarlane explains that Adaptive Cards are a type of interactive JSON UI card designed for use across various platforms. They can be rendered natively inside Teams, Virtual Agents, Outlook, Viva, and even beyond Microsoft's ecosystem.

These cards are primarily used for displaying notifications or for collecting information from users. An important aspect pointed out is that Adaptive Cards contain no inherent logic. This makes them quite straightforward to create, and they automatically adapt to the styling of the application in which they are used.


The beauty of these Adaptive Cards is in their simplicity - you only need to provide the card layout and fill in your data. The video proceeds to delve into several Adaptive Card options, offering valuable insight into how to build them custom, from scratch. Moreover, the author introduces two methods for crafting these personalized cards.

Exploring Power Automate and Adaptive Cards

Power Automate, in conjunction with Adaptive Cards, provides a robust solution for automation and user interaction in business processes. These tools together can streamline workflows by facilitating data collection and notifications within applications commonly used at the workplace. By customizing Adaptive Cards, organizations can ensure that their automated systems interact with users in a way that is intuitive and fits seamlessly into their existing applications, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency. Understanding how to personalize these cards and integrate them effectively with automation tools is essential for businesses looking to optimize their operations in the digital age.

Power Automate - Boost Workflow with Power Automate & Adaptive Cards


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