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Microsoft Role-Based Exams Now Open-Book
Aug 24, 2023 9:00 AM

Microsoft Role-Based Exams Now Open-Book

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A quick update on the new Microsoft Learn access during role-based Microsoft certification exams.

Microsoft has recently updated its role-based certification exams to become open-book. Candidates can now access Microsoft Learn during these exams. This development is introduced to provide a rich learning experience right within the examination environment.

  • The new update allows exam-takers to access to Microsoft Learn
  • This feature was introduced after last year's 'take a break' option
  • All content can be searched within the channel
  • Microsoft has provided an Exam Experience document for reference: Exam Experience
  • An array of resources is provided for learning more about Azure and related technologies: Onboard to Azure, Certification Content Repository
  • Microsoft also provides Master Classes on Azure, DevOps, PowerShell and other technologies
  • Certification cram videos, weekly Azure updates and mentoring content resources are also available
  • Further queries can be directed to Microsoft's FAQ section: FAQ

Further Exploration of Microsoft Role-Based Certification Exams

The new feature of accessing Microsoft Learn during role-based certification exams provides a real-time learning experience. The ease of obtaining information, right in the middle of the exam, aids in better understanding and problem-solving. Microsoft Learn access not just eases the stress around examinations, but also integrates the learning and assessment process. This approach is a part of Microsoft's aim to continuously innovate exam experiences that can boost the learning curve of its users.

Learn about Microsoft Role-Based Exams Now Open-Book

Microsoft has recently opened its role-based exams to be open-book, allowing learners to access Microsoft Learn during the exam. Learners can search for content on a particular topic on the channel, and if something is available, they can use it for reference. Learners should also be aware of the exam duration and experience, as well as the take a break option from last year. To learn more, learners can check out the recommended learning paths for Azure, the certification content repository, weekly Azure updates, the Azure Master Class, the DevOps Master Class, the PowerShell Master Class, the certification cram videos, mentoring content, and questions that have been answered in the FAQ.

Learners should also consider donating to the Cure Childhood Cancer charity t-shirt channel store, and enabling subtitles on videos to take advantage of the auto-translate feature. Finally, learners should subscribe to the channel for more updates.


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