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Azure Update - 12th April 2024
Azure Weekly Update
Apr 12, 2024 6:16 PM

Azure Update - 12th April 2024

by HubSite 365 about John Savill's [MVP]

Principal Cloud Solutions Architect

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April 2024 Azure Enhancements: Cloud, SQL, and Load Testing Upgrades Unveiled!

Key insights


  • Azure Backup now supports PE-enabled disks, enhancing data protection capabilities.
  • App Service can now join multiple plans to a single subnet, increasing network flexibility.
  • Azure Red Hat OpenShift has received significant updates, improving its functionality.
  • Stream Analytics now offers Delta Lake output, providing more robust data analysis options.
  • MySQL Flexible introduces Defender for Cloud and long-term retention, bolstering security and data preservation.

Understanding Azure's Latest Innovations

This week's Azure Weekly Update, hosted by John Savill, brings to light several significant enhancements across Azure services, straight from his fresh recording location. The array of topics covered suggests a focused attempt to enhance Azure's data management, cloud operations, and security features.

The recent Azure update introduces a range of enhancements across its services, aiming to improve data protection, network flexibility, functionality, data analysis, security, and preservation. Azure Backup's support for PE-enabled disks marks a significant step in safeguarding data, ensuring users can rely on a more robust backup solution. The App Service's capacity to join multiple plans to a single subnet unlocks new levels of network flexibility, allowing for streamlined operations and reduced complexities.

Azure Red Hat OpenShift's latest updates enhance its overall functionality, making it an even more appealing choice for users seeking robust container orchestration. Similarly, the introduction of Delta Lake output in Stream Analytics empowers users to perform more comprehensive data analysis, leveraging the scalability and reliability of Delta Lake. Lastly, the updates to MySQL Flexible, including the Defender for Cloud and long-term data retention, reflect Azure's commitment to providing secure and reliable data management solutions.

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:17 - New videos
  • 00:47 - Azure Backup PE-enabled disks
  • 01:19 - App Service multi-plan subnet join
  • 02:17 - Azure Red Hat OpenShift updates
  • 02:47 - Stream Analyics Delta Lake output
  • 03:17 - MySQL Flexible Defender for Cloud
  • 03:55 - MySQL Flexible long-term retention
  • 04:12 - PostgreSQL Flexible private link
  • 04:34 - Managed Apache Cassandra VPN support
  • 05:08 - SQL Server on Linux AKV use
  • 05:50 - Azure SQL DB elastic jobs
  • 07:00 - Azure Load Testing in USGov Virginia
  • 07:25 - Azure Load Testing from App Service
  • 08:02 - Close

Azure Weekly Update - April 12, 2024: Latest Azure Features & Updates Unveiled


People also ask

How do I check for Azure updates?

To check for Azure updates, navigate to 'Get started > On-demand assessment and updates > Check for updates' within the Azure portal. This action opens a panel displaying a list of all machines under your specific Azure subscription. From this list, you can select one or more machines and then choose 'Check for updates' to start a compliance scan, assessing the selected machines for any available updates.

What is the new Azure portal?

The Azure portal represents a web-based, integrated console designed to allow users to create and manage Azure resources seamlessly. Through this portal, users have the ability to manage their Azure subscription via a graphical interface, facilitating the creation, management, and monitoring of a wide range of applications, from simple web apps to comprehensive cloud deployments.

What is the new name for Azure?

The new designation for Azure AD is Microsoft Entra ID. This change is part of a broader rebranding, whereby Azure Active Directory, Azure AD, and AAD have been collectively rebranded under the Microsoft Entra ID moniker. Microsoft Entra comprises the suite of identity and network access solutions within Microsoft's product ecosystem.

When was Azure portal released?

The Azure Portal, which enables users to manage Azure services through a web-based interface, was officially made generally available in December 2015. This platform allows users various means of interaction with Azure services, ensuring flexibility and ease of management for a wide array of Azure offerings.



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