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Azure Infrastructure Update - 19th of January 2024
Azure Weekly Update
Jan 19, 2024 10:00 AM

Azure Infrastructure Update - 19th of January 2024

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Azures New Security Boost: Gen2 VMs & VN Encryption - Dive into Resiliency with ExpressRoute Updates!

Key insights


Azure Infrastructure Update - On the 19th of January, 2024, Azure announced a small set of significant updates. They highlighted the latest enhancements in infrastructure, focusing on resilience strategies for ExpressRoute and more.

  • Trusted Launch Virtual Machine: A new security feature, Trusted Launch for Azure Virtual Machines (VM), is available, allowing users to upgrade from Gen1 to Gen2 VMs. This upgrade enhances protection against malware through verification of the boot process.
  • Virtual Network Encryption: Azure introduced virtual network encryption, improving the security posture by encrypting traffic within the virtual network and including two types: Site-to-site and Point-to-site encryption.
  • ExpressRoute Private Peering: The update provided valuable guidance on how to boost the resiliency of ExpressRoute private peering through the use of BGP failover and secondary connections.
  • Cosmos DB Partition Merge: Azure Cosmos DB now supports a shared throughput partition merge, allowing for the consolidation of partitions to optimize database management.
  • MySQL Flexible Import: A new MySQL Flexible import feature enables quicker and more efficient import of large datasets into MySQL databases by utilizing a parallel data import process.

Above are the latest insights from Azure's January 2024 update, excluding extraneous details such as the humorous personal anecdote about a burger's threat, introductory timeline, and closure of the discussed video.


Azure Weekly Update - 19th January 2024

Welcome to the latest Azure Weekly Update. This week, though there are only a few updates, they include some pivotal changes and valuable tips on enhancing resiliency with ExpressRoute. Additionally, there's a personal anecdote involving a near-miss culinary conundrum.

  • Introduction: A brief kickoff to this week's updates — including the burger saga.
  • Trusted Launch for VMs: Learn how to upgrade from Gen1 to Gen2 VMs, adding a layer of security against malicious attacks.
  • Virtual Network Encryption: Understand the importance of encrypting your virtual network traffic for added security.
  • ExpressRoute Peering Resiliency: Gain insights into improving the robustness of your ExpressRoute private peering.
  • Cosmos DB Improvements: Discover the new feature that allows the merging of partitions for easier data management.
  • MySQL Flexible Import: A review of the new feature for speedy data import into MySQL databases.
  • Closing remarks on this week's update and an outlook on the next edition.People also ask



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