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Microsoft Forms Mastery: Improve Education with Expert Tips & Strategies
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Sep 7, 2023 2:10 PM

Microsoft Forms Mastery: Improve Education with Expert Tips & Strategies

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Discover how Microsoft Forms enhances teaching and learning experiences with interactive features like polls, quizzes, and Excel analysis options.

Microsoft Forms has introduced new features to enrich the teaching and learning experiences. The features serve to make classes more interactive and engaging as well as boosting student comprehension. Among them include polls for engagement during team meetings and live quizzes that can be presented directly from the Forms web or PowerPoint. Teachers can assign homework through Teams and check students' responses from the results page for review and focus.

There are options to export responses to Excel for further analysis such as sorting, filtering, and creating charts for a better understanding of the class's performance. After a quiz, students could save their responses, which can be an excellent reference when preparing for similar exams in the future.

A Closer Look at Microsoft Forms for Education

Microsoft Forms is becoming an increasingly popular tool for educators. The new features make it even more useful and versatile in a teaching environment. Whether it's gathering pre-class data, engaging students during a lesson, or assessing comprehension post-class, Microsoft Forms provides a slew of capabilities to foster an effective and engaging teaching and learning process. For educators looking for tools to increase interactivity and productivity in their classes, Microsoft Forms should be at the top of the list.

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Learn about Enhancing Your Teaching and Learning Experience with Microsoft Forms


Microsoft Forms provides a range of features to help teachers enhance their teaching and learning experience. These features enable teachers to create interactive and engaging classes while providing students with more effective and engaging learning experiences. Some features include Pre-Class Surveys and Pre-Class quizzes, which help teachers determine their students' areas of interest and understanding of concepts. During class, teachers can use polls in their Teams channel meetings to gauge the temperature of the room. They can also use Forms to present quizzes live during class, allowing them to tailor their teaching to the students' answers in real-time. Finally, teachers can share their surveys live on any screen, as well as present Forms/quizzes in Forms web or PowerPoint. By utilizing these features, teachers can create more effective and engaging learning environments for their students.


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