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Enhancing Employee Growth with Viva Learning Platform - Maximize Productivity
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May 1, 2023 9:00 PM

Enhancing Employee Growth with Viva Learning Platform - Maximize Productivity

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Elevate Employee Growth with Expertise in Microsoft Viva Learning

Microsoft has announced new features and engagement opportunities with Microsoft Viva Learning during its first Viva Summit. The company introduced learning academies that organize and deliver learning resources within Viva Learning, allowing organizations to curate role and line-of-business-specific experiences for individuals with highly engaging and relevant learning opportunities. Academies are configurable by admins, knowledge admins, and knowledge managers, and build upon previously released learning path and featured set capabilities.

The employee learning API in Microsoft Graph is now generally available, enabling apps to make content from a learning management system or learning provider available in Viva Learning. The course activity API synchronizes learners’ records like assignments, recommendations, self-initiated courses, and completion statuses into the Viva Learning user experience. Microsoft also announced a new way to access Viva Learning directly from a web browser, and the launch of the Viva Learning Community where members have access to curated content, conversations with experts, and a forum for asking questions.

Accelerating employee growth with Viva Learning - Microsoft Community Hub