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Azure Infrastructure Weekly Update - 7th July 2023
Azure Weekly Update
Jul 7, 2023 11:00 AM

Azure Infrastructure Weekly Update - 7th July 2023

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This week's bag of Azure joy

Azure Infrastructure Weekly Update announced on 7th July 2023 highlights several key updates:

  • Introduction of new videos
  • Launch of Azure New Relic Service
  • Revealing AMA VM Insights for Gov Cloud
  • A look into AMA Health experience
  • Container Insights Pod Sandboxed featured
  • Data protection extension for App GW WAF
  • Introduction of VNet Encryption
  • Availability of Archive Storage in new region
  • Premium SSD v2 now in new regions
  • RBAC featured in Azure Monitor Logs table
  • Managed Grafana managed PE revealed
  • Event Hub integrated to LAW
You can learn more through the Recommended Learning Path for Azure at and check the Certification Content Repository

Detailed Analysis of Azure Infrastructure Weekly Update

This Azure Infrastructure Weekly Update has brought numerous new features and services to the forefront. Azure New Relic Service is a key launch, with anticipated utility for users. AMA VM Insights for Gov Cloud will serve specific governmental operations. Container Insights Pod Sandboxed and VNet Encryption are significant for security and privacy concerns. Additionally, the expanded geographical availability of services like Archive Storage and Premium SSD v2 will boost accessibility for users globally. The role of Managed Grafana managed PE and Event Hub's LAW integration also show promising enhancements in Azure's service portfolio.

Learn about Azure Infrastructure Weekly Update - 7th July 2023

Azure Infrastructure provides a wide range of services and features to help organizations manage their cloud resources. This week's update includes new videos, the Azure New Relic Service, AMA VM Insights Gov Cloud, AMA Health experience, Container Insights Pod Sandboxed, App GW WAF sensitive data protection, VNet Encryption, Archive Storage new region, Premium SSD v2 new regions, Azure Monitor Logs table RBAC, Managed Grafana managed PE, and Event Hub to LAW. To learn more about these features, users should look into the recommended learning path for Azure, found at, and the certification content repository on GitHub at The Azure Infrastructure Weekly Update is a great way to stay informed about the latest features and services offered by the platform and ensure that users are making the most of their cloud resources.


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