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Top 10 New Features in Power Apps (2022) by Reza
Sep 20, 2022 12:00 AM

Top 10 New Features in Power Apps (2022) by Reza

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Power Apps Tutorial showcasing the top 10 New PowerApps features for 2022

Power Apps' new features include Dataverse Formula Columns, Inline Table Designer (Create new Table from App), Solution by Default, Search & Replace, Sharing PowerApp email template, Environment Picker, Search & Replace, and Error Handling. New Power Fx functions like Named Formulas, ParseJSON, IsError, and others are also available.

Keeping up to date with the latest on the Power Platform is a challenge & I hope this video series has you covered on the recent updates.

Make sure to set App Authoring Version to latest available and check for settings to enable features.

Links to the features

Power Fx: Introducing Named Formulas

Creating canvas apps as Dataverse solutions by default (preview)

Create and edit tables using the table designer

What’s new: Power Apps August 2022 Feature Update

Power Fx: Introducing ParseJSON

Boost maker productivity inside Dataverse using formula columns!

Power Fx: Error handling graduates to preview

In this Video

What's New in Power Apps:

✅ Modern Command Bar in Canvas Apps

✅ Solution by Default

✅ Create and edit tables using the table designer

✅ Named Formulas

✅ Power Apps Environment picker feature

✅ General availability of search and replace across app

✅ Parse JSON

✅ Sharing App new Email Template

✅ Dataverse Formula Columns

✅ Power Fx: Error handling graduates to preview | Microsoft Power Apps

Table of Contents:

00:00 - Introduction to What's New in Power Apps

00:29 - Modern Command Bar in Power Apps

02:37 - Inline Dataverse Table Designer in Power Apps Studio

04:19 - Dataverse Formula Columns based on Power Fx

05:02 - Canvas Power App Sharing Dialog Updates

05:48 - Power Apps Environment Selector Updates

06:31 - Save Canvas Power Apps inside Solution by Default (ALM)

08:25 - Introducing Power Apps Named Formulas

12:55 - Error Handling in Power Apps (Formula Level Error Management)

14:55 - Search and Replace across entire App

16:11 - New ParseJSON Power Fx function

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