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March 2023 Excel Updates: Detailed Review of New Features & Enhancements
Sep 11, 2023 6:12 PM

March 2023 Excel Updates: Detailed Review of New Features & Enhancements

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Discover Excel 2023s updates: enhance web, Windows, and Mac experiences with innovative features. Stay efficient and secure!

The March 2023 updates for Excel carry a bouquet of new features and enhancements across various platforms, targeting to increase efficacy and productivity of its users. Web users are blessed with the introduction of Check Performance, Formula Argument Assistance, and Drag & Drop in Queries Pane which will boost workbook performance, facilitate easy formula writing and enhance query organization respectively.

  • For those on Windows, Block untrusted XLL Add-Ins, a new feature is focused on adding security layers, protecting users from potential malicious attacks propagated through certain XLL add-ins.
  • Both Windows and Mac users now have the luxury of Assign a Task with @mentions to improve collaborative work within their teams.

Three key new features in Excel for the web include Check Performance, which detects and removes unwanted formatted cells slowing down the workbook; Formula Argument Assistance that supports users in inserting or editing formula arguments without external help, and Drag & Drop in Queries Pane for better query sorting.

For users on Windows, they can now block untrusted XLL add-ins, enhancing their cyber security, and the new Assign a Task feature with @mentions fosters productivity through efficient task delegation in teamwork.

Mac users can also enjoy the same Assign a Task feature with @mentions in their Excel worksheets and Word documents. This assists them in assigning tasks to team members using @mentions and tagging in comments.

Diving Deep into Excel's New Updates

The March 2023 updates have brought forward a multitude of dynamic changes designed to revolutionize the Excel experience across various platforms. For web users, the ability to swiftly handle large workbooks via Check Performance, insert and edit formulas through Formula Argument Assistance, and the enhancement of query organization with Drag & Drop in Queries Pane are pivotal improvements. The Windows and Mac users are not left behind, featuring a lucrative security function of blocking untrusted XLL Add-Ins and Assign a Task with @mentions to amplify collaborative efforts. These updates undeniably enrich the overall user experience, pushing Excel's capabilities beyond its conventional limits.

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Learn about Excel 2023 Updates: New Features & Enhancements - March Edition

The blog post discusses the latest features and enhancements in Excel 2023 released in March. For web users, new functionalities have been added that accelerate large workbooks, facilitate editing and insertion of formulas, and improve query organization. Furthermore, for Windows users, untrusted XLL Add-Ins can be blocked. Moreover, the feature 'Assign a Task with @mentions' has been introduced for both Windows and Mac users. Also mentioned is a College Basketball Random Bracket that users can try out.

  • Excel for the web:
    • Check Performance
    • Formula Argument Assistance
    • Drag & Drop in Queries Pane
  • Excel for Windows:
    • Block untrusted XLL Add-Ins
    • Assign a Task with @mentions
  • Excel for Mac:
    • Assign a Task with @mentions

'Check Performance' feature detects unwanted formatted cells that could slow down your workbook, and suggests launching "Check Performance." For ease, it can be manually launched from Review > Check Performance. ‘Formula Argument Assistance’ helps users insert or edit formula arguments more efficiently and with reduced errors. Lastly, the ‘Drag & Drop in Queries Pane’ enhances query organization by enabling easy sorting of queries or moving them between folders.

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