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How to Annotate Screen in Microsoft Teams (2022)
Sep 18, 2022 12:00 AM

How to Annotate Screen in Microsoft Teams (2022)

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A Teams tutorial video on the Annotate screen in Teams feature. This is one of the new features in Microsoft Teams meetings that lets you easily annotate any window, app or your Desktop.

This feature in powered by Microsoft Whiteboard technology and works with just one person in charge or in collaboration with others.

Use annotation while sharing your screen in Teams

Annotation—powered by Microsoft Whiteboard—helps you collaborate on things like a design or presentation while sharing your screen in a Teams meeting.

Collaborative Annotations on Presenter Shared Screen

One of the fastest ways to get work done is to get together on a Teams call, and co-author on a document as you chat and work together. This update is an exciting addition to this way of working.

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