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Latest Security Features and Updates in Microsoft Teams
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Apr 27, 2023 10:00 AM

Latest Security Features and Updates in Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft has released a new version of the Teams desktop app that includes several security improvements. The new Teams version no longer relies on bespoke solutions for deployment and updates; instead, it leverages MSIX packages and App Installer natively supported by Windows, reducing risk surface and maintenance costs. The new Teams also installs in a privileged location where non-administrator users cannot tamper with its executable files.

Safer deployment with MSIX

Faster updates with Edge WebView2 runtime

Less bloated application

Better security on the web with Trusted Types

The new Teams has moved from Electron to Edge WebView2, enabling faster updates with the latest and most secure runtime for embedding apps. It is also a slimmer application and includes less overhead and extra risk surface than classic Teams. In terms of web security, the new Teams includes a modernized web framework stack, improved Content Security Policy (CSP) infrastructure, and mitigated cross-site scripting attacks (XSS) by deploying Trusted Types. Microsoft encourages users to try the new Teams and provide feedback. They also run a security bug bounty program for rewards.

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