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Microsoft Build 2023 Conference Day 1 Highlights - Live Streaming Video
May 24, 2023 8:00 AM

Microsoft Build 2023 Conference Day 1 Highlights - Live Streaming Video

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Explore key insights from Microsoft Build 2023 - Exclusive expert roundup.

  1. Windows 11 is getting an AI Copilot: Microsoft is introducing its AI personal assistant, Copilot, to Windows 11. Users will be able to interact with the Copilot sidebar for text summarization, rewriting, explanations, and adjusting computer settings. Other updates to Windows 11 include support for Bluetooth LE, additioxnal languages in live captions, and native RGB controls.
  1. Microsoft 365 Copilot now supports plug-ins: The AI assistant will now support three main types of plug-ins: Teams messages extensions, Power Platform connectors, and tools that use technology from ChatGPT. Plug-ins from Atlassian and Adobe, among others, will also be supported.
  1. Microsoft Edge will soon come with a 365 Copilot integration: The 365 Copilot will be integrated into Edge to help users with Microsoft 365 apps tasks based on the content of the website they're viewing. The tool should assist with tasks such as drafting emails, adding data to a spreadsheet, and generating status updates.
  1. Windows Terminal gets an AI upgrade: Windows Terminal will feature an AI-powered chatbot through an integration with GitHub Copilot. Developers will be able to use the chatbot for actions, code recommendations, and error explanations. Microsoft also announced a new Dev Home dashboard and AI-generated app review summaries for the Microsoft store, as well as a new AI Hub for AI-utilizing Windows apps.
  1. Bing is now ChatGPT’s default search experience: OpenAI made Bing the default search engine for ChatGPT, with ChatGPT Plus users now seeing Bing-sourced citations in chatbot responses. Bing is also expanding its plug-in support with offerings from Expedia, Instacart, Kayak, Klarna, Redfin, TripAdvisor, Zillow, and more.

Microsoft Build 2023 - Live Video

Microsoft Build is Microsoft's annual developer conference. It's a major event where Microsoft announces new products, services, and updates to its existing lineup. The conference is primarily aimed at developers, but the news and updates often have broader relevance to the tech industry and Microsoft's customer base.

Microsoft Build typically includes a mix of keynotes, technical sessions, demos, and opportunities for developers to get hands-on experience with Microsoft's latest technologies. Developers also get to network with other professionals, learn from experts, and explore the latest tools and technologies from Microsoft and its partners.

These events can be particularly exciting for developers who work with Microsoft technologies, such as Windows, Azure, Office 365, or Visual Studio, because they often include previews or launches of new features and capabilities in these areas.



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