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Modern Controls Update: Key Features & Improvements, June 2023
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Jul 13, 2023 9:00 PM

Modern Controls Update: Key Features & Improvements, June 2023

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Explore June 2023s update on Power Apps Modernization introducing new controls and improvements in model and canvas apps.

The blog is an update regarding the modern controls which were introduced in canvas apps and model-driven apps in June 2023. The update arrived after an announcement and the subsequent engagement from the user community. Included in these updates are new control releases and key control improvements to both the canvas and model apps. One of the new key controls is the Slider which comes with both vertical and horizontal layout options.

Power Apps Modernization Updates (June and July 2023)


Following our May 2023 updates, we are continuing our efforts to modernize Power Apps with the launch of new features and improvements, thanks to our engaged community and user feedback.

Canvas Apps Updates

New Controls

  • Slider: We have introduced a slider control with both vertical and horizontal layout options.

Key Control Improvements

  • Text: New properties - Vertical Align and Auto Height. Overflow and truncate issues on the control have been fixed.
  • Spinner: Removed the white background from the spinner control, making it transparent.
  • TabList: Properties have been updated to be consistent with other controls. RenderSize is now called Size property with large as the default value.

Model Apps Updates

Visual Improvements

  • Read-only UI for controls: Based on user feedback, we have enhanced the read-only fields to feature lock icons next to the label, and added a border, background color when disabled. This makes it clearer to end users when a field is read-only.

New Controls

  • Modern option set control – Introduced a new dropdown menu.
  • Modern date picker control
  • Modern duration control - Based on Fluent v9.

Coming Soon

Canvas Apps

  • More controls: We plan to add Combobox and Toggle controls.
  • New theming system: This will allow easier and more flexible customization of the app appearance. The initial release will support 6 out-of-the-box themes.
  • Per control styling: Color and font support will be included in the new theming system to avoid accidental overwriting of per control style changes.
  • Improved authoring & controls experience: We're focusing on making it quicker and easier to build apps with weekly improvements to property sets and existing controls' functionality.

Model Driven Apps

  • We will be announcing general availability soon with specific details in an upcoming blog post.

Other important improvements have been made as well. The text control now has new properties such as Vertical Align and Auto Height. Additionally, fixations were made to overflow and truncate issues. The spinner control undergone changes too, with a white background being removed for a transparent one. The TabList properties were updated for consistency across all controls.

More about the Topic

Modern controls in canvas and model-driven apps provide powerful tools for app makers and developers. These modern controls make application development more efficient and user-friendly. The recent updates to these controls include the release of new controls like the Slider, and significant improvements to current controls. These improvements range from minor tweaks to major functionality upgrades, such as fixing overflow and truncate issues. The updates show a strong commitment to user feedback incorporation, enhancing efficiency and productivity in development processes.

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Learn about June 2023 modern controls update

Microsoft has released several updates to modern controls in canvas and model-driven apps for June 2023. The updates include the release of a new Slider control, with vertical and horizontal layout options, as well as several key improvements to existing controls. For the Text control, new properties are available such as Vertical Align and Auto Height, and issues with overflow and truncation have been fixed. The Spinner control now has a transparent background, and the TabList control has updated properties to be consistent with other controls. Additionally, the Re control has been improved.

These updates are part of Microsoft's ongoing effort to modernize and improve Power Apps. Microsoft is committed to listening to user feedback and incorporating it into their updates.

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