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PowerFx | DataSourceInfo function
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Jun 29, 2023 10:00 PM

PowerFx | DataSourceInfo function

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Assume that you are building a Canvas app using ‘Accounts’ table of Dataverse datasource and you need to show a button only if the logged in user has ‘Delete’

Power Fx is a DataSourceInfo function that can be used in building a Canvas app using the 'Accounts' table of Dataverse datasource. This function allows you to show a button only if the logged in user has 'Delete' permission on the 'Accounts' table. The DataSourceInfo function provides information about a particular column of a data source as well as permission details, such as Create, Read, Write and Delete permissions.

  • Dataverse is a data platform used in Power Apps.
  • Power Fx enables you to determine user permissions on data sources.
  • DataSourceInfo function provides details about columns and user permissions.
  • This information is useful for displaying buttons and other UI elements based on user permissions.

For example, to get the 'Display Name' and 'Max Length' of a column, the DataSourceInfo function can be used as follows:

 "MaxLength of 'name' column is - "& DataSourceInfo(Accounts, DataSourceInfo.MaxLength)

More About Power Fx

Power Fx is a low-code programming language used in Microsoft Power Apps. It's designed for ease of use, allowing app makers to create custom solutions without requiring extensive programming knowledge. Power Fx enables users to build apps with rich functionality that can connect to various data sources, automate processes and integrate with other Microsoft services, such as Power BI and Power Automate. The DataSourceInfo function is just one example of the powerful features offered by Power Fx, helping app makers create dynamic and user-specific experiences in their Canvas apps.

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Learn about Power Fx | DataSourceInfo function

The Microsoft Power Fx DataSourceInfo function is a useful tool when creating Canvas apps using the Dataverse datasource. It can provide information such as the display name and max length of a particular column, as well as the permission details for users. For example, you can use DataSourceInfo to determine if the logged-in user has delete permission on a table. This can be done by calling the DataSourceInfo function with two parameters: the datasource and the DataSourceInfo.MaxLength. This will return the max length of the column specified. DataSourceInfo can also provide information regarding create, read, write, and delete permission for users. In order to use DataSourceInfo, you need to call the function with parameters for the datasource and the desired information you want to retrieve. This will allow you to easily determine the permission details of the logged-in user, as well as the display name and max length of a column.

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