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Drag and Drop Rows in Power Apps (Model-Driven) Grid
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May 5, 2023 11:00 AM

Drag and Drop Rows in Power Apps (Model-Driven) Grid

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Please note that this solution contains a part which is not supported by the platform right now, so it shouldn’t be used in production yet.

Lately I was asked if it’s possible to implement a subgrid for model-driven apps, where each row has its own sort order position. Of course it should be possible to change the sorting order of the rows. The tricky part: the user should be able to use drag&drop to move to rows up or down.

It’s always possible to implement a “dataset PCF”, and there we have the control over the code, so we can implement drag&drop without a problem.

But that takes much longer. Also, an own PCF grid has limited extensibility. If you think to an Order Details subgrid on the Order form, there are also another custom calculations needed. Of course we could do that in a dataset PCF too, but then it’s not a generic PCF; then it’s a dedicated OrderDetails PCF, with custom logic inside.

The best way would be to use Power Apps Grids, since it takes only a little effort and there we can implement also the other calculations too. But does drag&drop work inside the Power Apps Grid?

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Drag and Drop Rows in Power Apps Grid – Dianamics PCF Lady

Drag and Drop Rows in Power Apps (Model-Driven)

Drag and Drop Rows in Power Apps (Model-Driven) Grid allows users to quickly and easily rearrange the order of data rows in the grid. This feature was recently released in the July 2020 update of Dynamics 365 and Power Apps. With this feature, users can drag and drop rows in the grid, allowing them to quickly change the order of data and create a more customized user experience. This feature is currently not available in the classic grid view, but users can enable it in the Modern view. Users have the option to rearrange the order of rows by dragging and dropping them, or by using the up and down arrows to the right of the grid. This feature is especially useful when users need to customize the order of data in a report or view.

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