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View formatted JSON in PowerAutomate
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Apr 30, 2023 7:00 PM

View formatted JSON in PowerAutomate

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Use the JSON viewer to automatically format and highlight JSON responses and files in browser tabs.

JSON responses from Power Automate (or indeed any other platform) in your browser looks

I recently discovered that Edge has an inbuilt extension

View formatted JSON - Microsoft Edge Development | Microsoft Learn

  • The JSON syntax is highlighted with different colors.
  • Object properties are displayed on their own lines and indented.
  • Objects can be collapsed or expanded.
  • The JSON viewer matches your operating system’s dark or light theme.

The JSON viewer improves readability of JSON data in several ways:

that you can enable and after a quick restart, your JSON will appear all beautified and you can quickly begin to visualise your arrays [], objects {} and key:value pairs.

This is so useful if you are looking at input/output history in Power Automate - and probably other services too

I am just working on my latest video, merging or joining arrays in Power Automate. This feature has helped me greatly to ensure that all of my data is being transformed as expected.

What are the best JSON Tools?

There are a number of JSON tools available that can help you work with JSON data. Some of the best JSON tools are:

  1. JSONLint: A popular online JSON validator that checks for syntax errors and provides suggestions for fixing them.
  2. jq: A lightweight command-line tool that can be used to filter and manipulate JSON data. It supports a wide range of features such as searching, sorting, and transforming JSON data.
  3. Postman: A tool that allows you to test APIs by sending HTTP requests and analyzing the responses. It also supports importing and exporting JSON data.
  4. Visual Studio Code: A popular code editor that has built-in support for working with JSON files. It provides features such as syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and formatting.
  5. JSON Editor Online: A web-based JSON editor that allows you to create and edit JSON data. It also provides a visual representation of the JSON data in a tree view.
  6. JSON Viewer: A browser extension that formats and displays JSON data in a more readable format. It also supports collapsing and expanding JSON data.
  7. JSONPlaceholder: A REST API that allows you to test JSON data. It provides a variety of endpoints that return JSON data that can be used for testing and development.

These tools can be very useful for developers and analysts who work with JSON data.