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Azure Infrastructure Weekly Update - 12th May 2023
May 12, 2023 10:00 AM

Azure Infrastructure Weekly Update - 12th May 2023

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Quite a lot of updates this week, yay!

The Azure Infrastructure Weekly Update – 12th May 2023 is an update released by Microsoft Azure that provides customers with the latest news and updates on Azure infrastructure services. This update includes improvements to networking, storage, compute, and other services. It also provides customers with the latest updates on new products, services, and features that are coming to Azure.

This update also highlights any changes that have been made to the pricing and billing of Azure services. Additionally, this update provides customers with tips and best practices for using Azure services. With this update, customers can stay informed and up to date with the latest news from Microsoft Azure.

In this Video

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:16 - 200K AMA
  • 00:44 - New videos
  • 01:35 - App Service autoscaling
  • 02:22 - App Service TLS cipher suite
  • 02:57 - AVS in Azure Gov
  • 03:22 - ACA GitHub new Action
  • 04:20 - ACA CORS support
  • 04:58 - ACA init containers
  • 05:38 - Azure Automation Python 3.8
  • 05:47 - Azure Traffic Manager always serve
  • 06:42 - New DNS Private Resolver regions
  • 07:43 - Load Balancer ICMPv4 PING!
  • 08:13 - Bastion sharable links
  • 09:10 - SQL serverless hyperscale zone-redundant
  • 09:37 - SQL DB TDE CMK cross-tenant
  • 10:20 - PostgreSQL Flexible troubleshooting
  • 11:06 - MySQL Flexible major version upgrader
  • 12:08 - AMA Linux hardened support
  • 12:32 - Azure Advisor via graph Gov and China cloud
  • 13:15 - AzAcSnap 8
  • 13:42 - Close

Questions and Answers about Azure/Azure Weekly Update

How and when are OS updates applied? Azure manages OS patching on two levels, the physical servers and the guest virtual machines (VMs) that run the App Service resources. Both are updated monthly, which aligns to the monthly Patch Tuesday schedule.

Sign in to the Azure portal. Navigate to Virtual Machines and select your virtual machine from the list. From the left menu, under Operations, select Updates, and select Go to Update Management.

However, seeing as Microsoft Azure's market share has doubled in the last five years, it is conceivable that Azure will surpass AWS in 2023 – at least in some areas. Microsoft continues to make Azure a more attractive cloud solution to businesses using its decades-long market expertise.

Considering this event that happened today with Microsoft: Azure Active Directory has an SLA of 99.9%. It means that they guarantee that the most amount of time it will be down on a year is 8.77 hours or 43.83 minutes per month.