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#M365AMA Why is OneDrive not automatically syncing?
Sep 26, 2022 12:00 AM

#M365AMA Why is OneDrive not automatically syncing?

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“I'm a newbie with a question. Just upgraded to 365 Family & successfully added the suite to my wife's laptop. Created a shared folder in OneDrive and all the files inside synced perfectly, however, any new files added later don't automatically appear on the other laptop. What have I missed?"

HOW-TO 11 Ways to Fix OneDrive Not Syncing

OneDrive comes preinstalled with Windows and is an excellent tool for syncing your files between devices. Typically, you can set up OneDrive and forget about it. However, at times, it may not work as smoothly as expected.

For example, you might find that files aren’t syncing correctly or throwing up sync errors, or specific files won’t sync while others do. If that happens, you’ll want to fix OneDrive not syncing.

Fix OneDrive sync problems

We're sorry that you're having trouble syncing your OneDrive. To help get you started, select the icon that you're seeing from the list below.