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5 FREE Cool Add-Ins for PowerPoint to Start Using NOW
Aug 19, 2022 12:00 AM

5 FREE Cool Add-Ins for PowerPoint to Start Using NOW

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In this video you'll learn the top 5 best add-ins for Microsoft PowerPoint any professional should have. Create word cloud images from text for free in PowerPoint, insert QR codes with a free addin.

An icebreaker for any presentation is the Mentimeter addin for PowerPoint. I'll show you how to easily integrate Mentimenter with your PowerPoint presentation. You'll also learn how to add a count down timer or a break timer so everyone knows when to get back, and a hammer to memorize the size and position of any shape on a PowerPoint slide. This way you can use the same size and shape setting of one image on other slides as well.

In this Video

00:00 6 Must Have Microsoft Office PowerPoint Add-ins

00:23 How to Install an Add-in in PowerPoint

00:35 Pro Word Cloud - Create Word Cloud Images from Text

02:24 Break Time - Countdown Timer

03:35 QR4Office - Create Your Own QR Codes

04:26 Mentimeter - Best Icebreaker for Presentations

06:58 Thor - The Hammer

09:09 Bonus: Productivity Tip

09:46 Wrap Up