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Power Automate: Reminder Emails By Date
Oct 1, 2022 12:00 AM

Power Automate: Reminder Emails By Date

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In the 16th episode of Matt’s Power Platform series, he takes a look at Power Automate.

Matt showcases how you can pull records in from a data source and filter them based on a column value. For this example, he will use two parallel branches in Power Automate to return records that are 3 days from today’s date and others that are 7 days from today’s date. After the two separate arrays are returned, he will then showcase how to set up two separate emails one for each set of records returned.

In the emails, Matt showcases how to use dynamic content, expressions, variables, and apply to each loops for the full execution. He also throws in how to return a user’s manager information if that is something you would like to access in your flows.

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