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Excel Burn Down & Burn Up Charts for Project Management
Nov 4, 2022 7:00 AM

Excel Burn Down & Burn Up Charts for Project Management

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Burn Down and Burn Up charts are commonly used in Project Management to monitor progress, and they're easy to build in Excel.

Burn Up and Down in Excel Line or scatter charts make creating charts simple. These charts are helpful for tracking a project's progress in relation to goals if you are familiar with Agile Project Management.

Although the nomenclature is unique to agile project management, the idea is applicable to managing any project and may be applied to time, task, and resource measurements.

Burn Down Charts Explained

A Burn Down chart tracks the total expected effort (think tasks, milestones, time, costs), vs the actual effort, over time. For example, let’s say we have 60 hours of effort to complete 10 tasks in a 10 workday period. If we work at a steady pace, we’d use 6 hours per workday.

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4:40 Burn Down Charts with Forecast

6:12 What are Burn Up Charts

6:43 Building Burn Up Charts in Excel