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SharePoint Create Navigation Node with Audience
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May 11, 2023 8:21 PM

SharePoint Create Navigation Node with Audience

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How to create a new Navigation node with audience on a SharePoint Online site using a Power Automate flow. URI Headers Body Screenshot with example Sample data

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration and document management platform developed by Microsoft. Navigation nodes in SharePoint refer to the items in the site’s navigation menu that allow users to easily access different parts of the site.

Audience targeting is a feature in SharePoint that allows you to show or hide specific content from certain groups of users based on their profile properties. By combining audience targeting with navigation nodes, you can create a customized navigation menu that displays different options for different users, based on their roles or other criteria.

To create a navigation node with audience targeting in SharePoint, you would first need to enable audience targeting in your site’s settings. Then, you can create a new navigation node by going to the site’s navigation settings and selecting “Add link” or “Add heading”. In the dialog box that appears, you can enter the link or heading text and select the audience that should see the link or heading.

For example, if you have a SharePoint site for a company and you want to create a navigation node for the “HR” section of the site, you could create a link called “HR” and set the audience to be users who belong to the HR department. This would ensure that only users in the HR department see the “HR” link in the site’s navigation menu.

Create Navigation Node with Audience – Expiscornovus

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