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Customizing Content Types on Microsoft Syntex for Hub Sites Optimization
Apr 27, 2023 11:00 AM

Customizing Content Types on Microsoft Syntex for Hub Sites Optimization

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To make important content types more consistently available to SharePoint libraries and lists, you can push them to the hubs that you choose. Pushing the content types automatically adds them to any new lists and libraries created on the sites associated with the hub, and to any new sites added to the hub. This feature requires a Microsoft Syntex license.

For this feature to work, the content types being pushed must already be published.

Push content types to a hub - Microsoft Syntex | Microsoft Learn

Licensing for Microsoft Syntex - Microsoft Syntex | Microsoft Learn

What is Microsoft Syntex?

Microsoft Syntex is an AI-powered content understanding and processing platform designed to help organizations automatically capture and categorize important information from a wide range of content types. It was announced by Microsoft in September 2020 and is part of the Microsoft 365 suite of productivity tools.

Using advanced AI and machine learning technologies, Microsoft Syntex can analyze and understand the content of documents, images, and other unstructured data sources. It then extracts key information and applies metadata to help organize and categorize the content, making it easier to search, find, and use.

One of the key features of Microsoft Syntex is its ability to create custom content understanding models that are tailored to specific organizational needs. These models can be trained on an organization’s own data and can recognize key information related to specific business processes or industries.

Microsoft Syntex is also integrated with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, allowing users to apply its content understanding capabilities to content stored within these platforms. This can help improve search results, automate content processing workflows, and increase the accuracy of content classification and tagging.

Overall, Microsoft Syntex is designed to help organizations better leverage the vast amounts of unstructured data they generate and consume on a daily basis. By automating the process of content understanding and processing, it can help improve productivity, reduce manual errors, and enhance the overall user experience.

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This page will help you to identify libraries that are enabled to use custom content types. It will also show libraries that are using the most content types.

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