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Microsoft Syntex Structured document processing model
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Dec 17, 2022 10:45 AM

Microsoft Syntex Structured document processing model

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Microsoft Syntex Structured document processing model (formerly Forms Processing) has had some important updates - model re-use, UI + more!

The Microsoft Syntex AI model type Structured Document Processing model (previously known as Forms Processing) has had some significant updates which were launched as part of Microsoft Syntex. In my opinion the biggest update is Structured Document Processing models now allows models to be reused across libraries and sites.

  • Creating a model with the layout method
  • Bonus: Structured Document Processing Models can now be applied in bulk with PnP PowerShell


Some very welcome changes to Structured Document Processing Models especially model re-use and Syntex model creation UI in one single pane of glass

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Overview of the document processing model

Document processing lets you read and save information from standard documents such as invoices or tax documents. When you automate this process, you can save valuable time by reviewing, extracting, organizing, and saving the data automatically by using Power Automate and Power Apps.

New Microsoft Syntex Freeform Document Processing Model & Syntex Model Renames

A new Microsoft Syntex AI document processing model was recently released called freeform which purpose is to automatically extract information from unstructured and freeform documents such as letters, contracts or correspondence.


Publishes Microsoft Syntex models to a list.