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Azure Infrastructure Weekly Update - 4th August 2023
Azure Weekly Update
Aug 4, 2023 1:10 PM

Azure Infrastructure Weekly Update - 4th August 2023

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Lots of updates this week across all of Azure.- Looking for content on a particular topic? Search the channel.

This week's Azure Infrastructure update brings many news across the entirety of Azure. The main chapters of the update include container insights tuning, Application Gateway TLS defaults, various updates for PostgreSQL, and a major version upgrade. Updates for MySQL, SQL DB/MI, and Azure Advisor Cost Optimization Workbook were also discussed. An update was provided regarding Azure Load Testing.

Significant updates were made to NGFW Palo Alto, Route Server Hub Routing Preference, Managed Disk ZRS in a new region, ANF SMB CA, and Cosmos DB intra-account copy. SQL MI failover rights and SQL DB/MI XML compression were other crucial topics touched upon in the update.

New features of Identity Protection were introduced along with July Cost Management Updates. Lastly, new faults have been brought up for Chaos Studio. The sources for cost updates and Identity Protection Dashboard are provided as here and here.

For further learning, Azure provides a recommended Learning Path, a Certification Content Repository, Weekly Azure Update, Azure Master class, and DevOps Master Class, helpful for those interested in Azure and its many aspects. These resources are accessible through their respective links.

Main Topic: Azure Infrastructure Updates

The Azure Infrastructure updates of 4th August 2023 encompass a wide range of Azure's components, from Container Insights to Application Gateway TLS defaults. They highlight the consistent innovation taking place in Azure products and services. Particular focus was given to PostgreSQL updates and a major version upgrade, demonstrating Azure's ongoing focus on database functionality and performance improvement. The introduction of SQL MI failover rights and SQL DB/MI XML compression are also significant updates, indicating enhancements in SQL's efficiency. The announcement about the new faults in Chaos Studio indicates an interest in refining and improving this service. The update underscores Azure's commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

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This week's Azure Infrastructure Weekly Update covers a range of topics, from new videos to container insights tuning and JBoss EAP clustering. Additionally, new features such as App Gateway TLS defaults, NGFW Palo Alto, and Managed Disk ZRS in new regions are discussed. PostgreSQL and MySQL have flexible autoscaling capabilities, and Cosmos DB now has intra-account copy. An Azure Advisor Cost Optimization Workbook, Azure Load Testing updates, and a new Identity Protection dashboard are also highlighted. For those wishing to learn more, the update recommends a learning path for Azure, a certification content repository, a weekly Azure Update playlist, an Azure Master Class playlist, and a DevOps Master Class playlist.

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