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The Evolution of Managing Guests in Microsoft Teams
Aug 29, 2022 9:33 PM

The Evolution of Managing Guests in Microsoft Teams

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Curious how the business world has received Shared Channels in Microsoft Teams and guest users as a whole? Click here for a discussion.

Collaborating with external partners is an inevitability for many organizations today. However, with all the security issues that’ve occurred in recent years, it’s understandable that some might not be especially welcoming when it comes to sharing data or letting others into their Microsoft Teams tenants.

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Guest access in Microsoft Teams

With guest access, you can provide access to teams, documents in channels, resources, chats, and applications to people outside your organization, while maintaining control over your corporate data.

Add guests to a team in Teams

Sometimes you'll want to collaborate with people who aren't in your team’s organization. If you want to collaborate with them in Teams, you can add them as a guest.

Turn guest access in Microsoft Teams on or off

This article describes how to configure guest access settings - including calls, meetings, and chat - in Teams. Guest access in Teams also requires configuring other settings in Microsoft 365, including settings in Azure AD,