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Viva Insights: MS Mark Kashman Shares His Workflow Tips
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Sep 13, 2022 6:00 AM

Viva Insights: MS Mark Kashman Shares His Workflow Tips

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Unlock productivity secrets with Viva Insights! Get quick tips and insights from Microsoft expert, Mark Kashman.

Making the Most of Viva Insights

As today's authors juggle the expectation of productivity with the crucial need for mindfulness and wellbeing, professionals worldwide are more open than ever to technological assistance. Mark Kashman shares his experience of incorporating AI into his workflow in a recent blog post and reveals how it aids his planfulness and day-to-day effectiveness through Microsoft's intuitive tool, Microsoft Viva Insights.

While professionals navigate through the day with a multitude of apps, Kashman asserts that Viva Insights has secured its place in his crucial working toolkit. He primarily works with Outlook, Teams, Lists, SharePoint, and Office, but he has also started turning to AI-powered Viva Insights to boost his productivity and mindfulness, at least once every week.

Viva Insights learns from your work habits and offers actionable insights based on your tasks and co-worker relationships. It's a handy tool that assists you in saving time, remembering critical tasks, and remaining focused. Importantly, these insights are private and tailored specifically for the user.

Kashman engages with Insights via a left-rail app in Teams. Once installed, users can find a range of features on the Viva Insights home page. The platform provides moments for reflection, gratitude, and breaks while staying connected to content and people. It even facilitates praise for peers and allows users to recharge with integrated Headspace guided meditations, infusing mindfulness into work processes.

One of the significant challenges of work communications lies in remembering every task, mention, or follow-up action, and Viva Insights offers a solution. The Stay connected tab acts as a reminder system pulling updates from all user conversations, allowing users to remain organized and efficient in managing their tasks.

Along with keeping track of tasks and mentions, Viva Insights also helps users "book time" to work uninterrupted. With a single click of the Book time button, Insights can automatically block off open sections of your calendar, minimizing notifications and protecting focus time.

Alternatively, users can use "Focus plans" to create recurring focus time blocks. Additional functionality such as adjusting quiet time settings and tracking how well you are disconnecting over time, renders the platform even more useful.

Kashman praises the integrated mindfulness exercises as a stress antidote for a packed day filled with back-to-back meetings. Furthermore, researchers support that "meditation breaks not only make us less exhausted by the end of the day, but also improve our ability to focus and engage while in meetings."

For more information related to Viva Insights, you can access a variety of resources, including slides, videos, and blog posts

Further Insights

In conclusion, having a tool such as Viva Insights can indeed be a gamechanger in the corporate environment. As professionals, we constantly strive to improve our productivity and workflow. However, the added layers of stress and the need for mindfulness often create a challenging balancing act. Utilizing AI-driven tools like Viva Insights, not only assists in streamlining our work processes but also integrates essential elements of focus, mindfulness, and wellbeing. With evolving workplaces and hybrid work cultures, the need to work smarter is more important than ever before.

Viva Insights indeed exemplifies the perfect alignment of technology and work-life balance. Find more about such products on Hubsite365.

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Viva Other Products - Viva Insights: MS Mark Kashman Shares His Workflow Tips

Learn about How I work Viva Insights MS Mark Kashman gives insights

Personal productivity, balance, and mindfulness are crucial elements for efficient workdays, especially in the modern era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an indispensable assistant for many professionals. In this blog post narrated by MS Mark Kashman, he shares how Viva Insights has become a vital tool to boost productivity in his daily tasks. The need for advanced approaches to personal productivity is more tangible than ever, making it crucial to embrace tools like Viva Insights and other relevant products.

For those new to Viva Insights, it's designed to analyze your work habits and permit you to act based on those insights and to save time. Viva Insights functions as an intelligent assistant, nudging you towards structure, professionalism, and strategy. Whether it be remembering useful information or staying focused, you can think of the tool as your personal advisor, always offering insights that are meant only for you.

To make use of Viva Insights, you only need to install it as a left-rail app in Teams. Once it's installed, you'll find features such as moments of reflection, gratitude, and breathing breaks that enable you to stay connected with content and colleagues, protect your time, give compliments, or recharge with some guided meditations from Headspace. Keep an eye on the Stay Connected tab, which highlights vital communication snippets that you or your team members mention, allowing easy follow-ups and action points.

To understand how to better use Viva Insights to organize your work, training courses are available that allow you to get the most out of this tool. Courses like Mindful Productivity with Viva Insights offered by LinkedIn Learning can be highly beneficial. There is also the option of taking productivity and time management courses that nurture skills which Viva Insights aims to enhance.

An important feature of Viva Insights includes the Book Time button which allows you to protect your uninterrupted work hours and establish "quiet time". This allows your colleagues to know you're focusing and minimizes notifications. The quiet time setting can be altered anytime to help establish your work boundaries. Notably, it provides personalized insights about how well you disconnect from work, granting you a better understanding of your work habits.

Mindfulness has become a prominent component of managing stress and improving focus at work. Viva Insights home page hosts a link labeled "More mindfulness exercises", redirecting you to a page of guided meditations and focus music that will allow you to take moments for yourself during your work routine. Moreover, Researchers confirm meditation breaks not only reduces fatigue but also drastically improves focus and engagement during meetings.

A plethora of guided meditations by Headspace are available through Viva Insights that can help relax your mind or concentrate before critical projects. Utilizing these resources can drastically improve your overall productivity and job satisfaction. A study noted, by prioritizing wellness as part of your workday, the overall quality of your work also improves.

Establishing an equilibrium with your time, tasks, and seeking help from AI can prove crucial in maintaining a balanced professional life. Optimizing the usage of tools like Viva Insights can remarkably improve productivity and drastically decrease stress, enlightening you with the benefits of technology and mindful habits for an efficient work-life balance.

If you are intrigued to explore more about Viva Insight or seek its implementation into your work routine, various resources are available showcasing its benefits and features. A single slide from Viva Insights' customer pitch deck elucidates how personal insights can transform work habits, leading to optimum work results. Additionally, a video presented by Erik Anderson and Ekta Aggarwal at Microsoft Ignite further throws light on how this tool fosters well-being and productivity in a hybrid work culture.

More about the tool's value and benefits can be found on the Microsoft Mechanics video and in related blog posts. Implementing and effectively using such tools can not only keep you stress-free but also make you more efficient and appreciated in your workplace. The real value lies less in handling everything yourself and more in aiming for a balanced approach aided by intelligent tools. So embrace AI assistance with Viva Insights and similar offerings, and see the results unfold in your workflow.

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